Telegram Open Network (TON) Testnet Explorer released

Telegram Open Network is arguably the biggest blockchain project around with the messaging app company topping the list of all ICOs that raked in mega dollar.

Although the project has not been in the public view for some months with the Facebook cryptocurrency being in the eye of the storm, latest news shows that the TON project is on course.

On September 6, the company announced that its TON testnet explorer and node software has been launched. This is preparatory to the Gram cryptocurrency which would be the internal currency of the blockchain ecosystem being built by the encrypted instant messaging service.

Gram for Launch By October

The release also stated that the project is still on course with the token due for launch in a couple of months. This is good news for investors who may be hoping to acquire the Gram when it is listed on exchanges since the TON ICO that raise a massive $1.7 billion was from private investors who are still unknown.

The attraction the Gram holds among investors stems from the fact that the Russian company has been a success that built a user base of 300 million subscribers.  With a market like that, there is no doubt that the TON would continue the successful run of its parent company.

Remarkable Transaction Speed

The Russian news outlet Vedomosti stated that an anonymous investor said that the TON node software would be live on the blockchain network on September 1.

The project is expected to be a high speed network featuring Sharding technology and several consensus mechanisms. The private beta network has already been launched in April with testers stating that the blockchain performance was remarkable in terms of transaction speed.




Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative reviews.

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