Temcoins – Another Scam Enticing People With Huge Profits


When I came across the Temcoins site, it wasn’t just the fancy website that attracted me but the fact that the project actually announced an airdrop.

I wondered how an obvious scam such as Temcoins.com plans to host an initial coin offering. That would be akin to exposing the scam rather early but then I noticed something I overlooked.

A Copy of A Real Project Domain

What I noticed was a new trend – scammers buying domains that are similar to legitimate projects with the hope that some of the traffic generated by genuine projects would be mis-directed to their site.

In the case of Temcoins I found out that the target of the scammers is another project, TEMCOIN. Temcoin (without an s) is an authentic crypto project described this way:

“Temcoin is a peer-to-peer crypto-currency that enables instant, near-zero cost payments to anyone in the World.
Temcoin is a global payment network that is fully decentralized without any central authorities.”

The project was further described a developing technology which has an active community. A further search shows that it has a developer community working on its code base at GitHub.

Necessity To Cross-check Sites You Visit

The scammers at Temcoins are aware that a promising project such as Temcoin could be leveraged on so they registered a similar domain and added an “s” to get “Temcoins”. This is why it has become increasingly necessary to verify that the site you visited is actually what you had in mind.

Scams are evolving with time and its perpetrators use any wily means to fool people into sending funds to them.


We made some checks on the genuine domain TEMCOIN and discovered that it was registered on May 16, 2017. The scam domain Temcoins.com was registered more than a year later on September 23, 2018 evidently after Temcoin announced its project to the crypto community.

What is Temcoins Scam About?

Temcoins claims to be a reliable investment company that helps their investors build a stable income. According to the site, they provide hour-by-hour returns and profit that enables people earn quickly and confidently.

As expected, that is the usual strategy that scammers use to lure people into their schemes and steal their money. In describing the business, the entity behind Temcoins stated:

“We employ contemporary and state-of-the-art instruments that leverages investment strategies in cryptocurrency ecosystem — cryptocurrency assets and futures, cryptocurrency mining. “

The site claimed to be a genuine investment company. This is a common line among scam sites and companies because they’re actually aware that there is nothing genuine in what they’re doing.

They know also that investors sometimes need assurance that their investment is safe. But they also know that people are mostly greedy so they make their offers irresistible to potential victims.

A Registered Company?

Temcoins stated that the company is registered but there is no indication that this is true. A search through the site shows that the emphasis is on getting investors to make deposits. In any case, scammers are known to register companies used as fronts for their crime.

The company used every marketing technique it could muster to promote its services claiming that,

“With over 20 years of collective experience, our team is committed to helping our investors reach their financial goals. Our long experience at the top of cryptocurrency investments means we have expertise which reaches across a number of sectors, as well as knowledge of specific protocols and strategies.”

20 Years team with a site that was registered last year and couldn’t even prove how they would generate the profit they’re promiing to pay investors?

Not Making Sense

Scammers usually use every imaginative way to make their schemes successful. Temcoins did just that as it makes concerted effort to present a web copy that is appealing to people. However it takes an experienced investor or a scam review  expert to know when an investment site is not making sense as seen with this:

“Our stable development and an increase in financial turnover, promotes the discovery of new financial instruments such as cooperation with the largest brokerage companies in the world that are industry leaders in cryptocurrency investment.

We offer independent, transparent tools and necessary information that allow investors to use them on their financial capabilities. We are independent and manage a group of highly skilled professionals.”

This contradicts what the site actually offers investors because it basically is a HYIP as seen from the investment options.

News of Temcoins?

I was curious seeing a page dedicated to news. This is the first HYIP scam that has made such claims but lo when I checked the page, it was empty. No news…

Temcoins Investment Plans

TemcoinsTemcoins is a daring scam because some of the offers are quite ridiculous. For instance, its highest Premium plan demands a minimum deposit of $3000. The ROI after 3 hour according to the site is 300%.

In other words, you could earn $9000 after just 3 hours if you bought this plan.

There are times you’d wonder how there are people that believe such crap. How could that possibly happen? If the scammer has a way of tripling money in 3 hours he wouldn’t do that with your money but would double and triple theirs.

Referral Commission

All scam HYIP depend on affiliates to build publicity of their sites. This is why they encourage users of the site and independent affiliates that did not make any deposits to share the information about them.

Temcoins offers a referral commission that is three-tiered giving its affiliates up to 10% of deposits referred by them.

Payment Display

TemcoinsTo create the impression that people are actually making deposits and getting paid, scam sites make random displays of names and money.

Experienced people are not deceived because they understand the scheme of scammers. There is nothing genuine and true in the claims by Temcoins.

Claims that you’ll earn hourly profit that you could withdraw whenever you want, a live dashboard that shows earnings from a global company are all lies meant to make you part with your money.


Temcoins is a classic scam, so sending funds to that site would result in losses. The site supports five of the most popular cryptocurrencies but sending deposits to this site means losing the funds because crypto transactions are irreversible.

For an investment program that I use  where all you need is sign up for the copy trading option and grow your asset, you may check my recommendation. If you’ve had experience with Temcoins, please send in your comments below.


Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative reviews.

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  1. this particular program temcoins left me a number to call and it was a parking garage and when I messaged them they said why did you call that number and also started using profanity online at there site. I told them a thing or two. Also they need to be brought up on charges because very professional and they are scammers.

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