TenX Announces Q4 TENX Token Reward

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The TenX team on January 1 announced that it has awarded its fourth quarter reward for 2020 for holders of its TENX token and issued guidelines on how such persons could withdraw their rewards. According to the statement, the PAY token distribution represents the payment for the Q4 and amounts to 243,867 PAY representing issued and unissued tokens. The balance of 106,133 PAY tokens will be held in reserves by TenX.

The statement stated that to gain withdrawal access to their rewards, the owners need to send 0 ether from their white listed Ethereum address to the TenX token reward contract address, 0xF5d49387EcFA36bD2BF047d9E72344A2b3afBB72. This interaction would automatically ensure that the accumulated reward is sent to the owner’s address.

Investors who want to withdraw their rewards are advised to set their gas limit to at least 100,000 to make sure that the transaction goes through. To be doubly sure that it goes through, the investor should make sure that they use their whitelisted wallet address while making request for the reward.

According to the release,

“Only Ethereum addresses that are whitelisted can withdraw rewards. To verify whether your Ethereum address has been whitelisted for rewards withdrawal, visit https://etherscan.io/dapp/0xF5d49387EcFA36bD2BF047d9E72344A2b3afBB72#readContract and insert your Ethereum address within the isisWhitelisted query to check.”




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