Tessline Review – If It’s Too Good To Be True

Tessline Review: How To Identify Exit Scams

Tessline is already an exit scam. This ordinarily should not be a surprise based on the evidence that we presented in this review. It is important that readers go though these to understand the trait of scams even after understanding their threat and the hazards associated with them.

The internet and cryptocurrencies are ideal channels through which people create impressions anonymously and motivate investors to send them money. People know the power of the internet and are doing whatever they could to harness it for profit as we shall see with this Tessline review.

What is Tessline?

According to the Tessline.com website, the company is an investment and trading firm that does all its business online. This means that there is no way the clients can reach the team managing their investments because every transaction is expected to originate and terminate on the internet.

“An Unquestionable Leader?”

The site stated that,

“Tessline is an investment and trading company, which is also an unquestionable leader in the global online investment and asset management markets.”

It is not clear why the company describes itself as a leader in global online business considering the fact that it did not present any evidence that it is.

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A Search for Legitimacy

It is common knowledge that no country permits entities to manage financial investments without license so Cryptoinfowatch ran a search for the Tessline authorization from the Irish government.

A search for the incorporation license of Tessline Limited the purported entity behind Tessline.com shows that it was listed by the country’s Companies Registration Office (CRO).

However office of the Financial Services provider of Ireland which is in charge of authorizing services such as rendered by Tessline has no record of the company.

The company may not be authorized by a regulator to render financial services in the country despite the claims made on the site.

The entities behind the project also stated that,

 “Tessline’s relative distance from traditional issues arising around companies with similar business is stipulated by the fact that we offer most of our services online.”

Can Tessline Be Trusted?


Whether a company’s services are based online or operated from a brick and mortar building, the authenticity of its claims should be premised on reality. A company ‘rendering’ financial services should prove beyond doubt that people can safely entrust their money to it.

Tessline.com claims that thousands of people entrust their funds to them from around the world. This may be debatable but hardly proves anything. These days, scammers with the financial ability to hire marketers can create enough buzz to attract many investors.

Many investors are driven by the quest for profit and hardly carry out due diligence before investing their funds to online site sometimes set up by scammers.

How Does Tessline Make Money?

The site claims that they help all their investors make profit by investing in profitable ventures. Vague as the assertion is, it is clearly not enough proof that the people behind the project are involved in any business activities aside receiving deposits from investors in an extensive Ponzi. You’ll see why this is a likely Ponzi in a moment.

The quality of the web copy is enough indication that the team behind the project is anything but professional despite this claim:

“Tessline strives to make everything as delicate and as effective as possible by allocating your funds in profitable commercial industries while receiving stable and secure maximum profits both for ourselves and you in a long-term prospect.”

The Quest to Convince

It is obvious from the website that the owners of the site used a cheap copywriter that struggled to convince. In any case, it is common practice among entities like this to strive to create impression of trustworthiness.

The site continued:

“Tessline is the best financial future for every client in the nearest future and reliability of cooperation at every stage of your work with the company. We are professionals whom you can and should trust. Our work will be the primary evidence of our excellent business competence.”

Promised Profit

Like most high profit investment schemes, Tessline promises its investors immense gains. Available investment plans are Start, Elevation, Riches and VIP.



Minimum Investment is $50 and maximum is $2,500 for 30 day duration. The interest is 1.6 percent daily. This means that the investor is promised 48 percent profit in just 30 days and this is the lowest investment plan of the business.

This suggests that if you invest $1000 in Tessline, in just 30 days, you’ll make profit of $480. How could that be possible? At Cryptoinfowatch, we have strong doubts about this.

There are the Increase Plan that yields 205% in 50 days under the start plan. Elevation, Riches and VIP offer even higher interests aimed at attracting bigger funds.

The VIP demands a minimum investment of $1 million for a 50-day investment. The interest for this plan is 200%.

Is This A Realistic Income?

Tessline ReviewWe should ask how the company makes this money to pay the investors. In reality, if they ever pay anyone, their plan is to use the early investors to create publicity for the scam.

Large funds sent to this project would certainly be lost because the intent of the project is to accumulate funds from people. Even if they could pay early investors, most of the later investors will lose their money when more people could not join the scheme.

The projects referral program rewards users with up to 7 percent of the deposit made by the client. Not even an extensive affiliate program has the capacity to sustain such schemes indefinitely.

Who is Behind this Project?

Tessline ReviewThe site has the image of five men who were listed as the executives of the company. The CEO and co-founder is Iain Cameron. Other executives are Joseph Morales, Lee Holman, Robert Davis and Martin Novotny.

Interestingly, none of these executives is listed in LinkedIn, neither is their social profiles listed on the site to prove that they are real people with real identities.

Location of Tessline Limited

Tessline ReviewTessline gave its office address as Block B, The Cresent Building, Northwood, Santry, Santry Demesne, Dublin, D09 C6X8, Ireland. Although none of the reviews posted online has visited them there, investigations showed that the address could be used as a virtual office.


Although Tessline didn’t prove the authenticity of the IDs of the people behind it, it is safe to posit that this company is not reliable. All HYIPs depend on recruitment of new investors to pay older ones. When they’re unable to get new investors they simply pack up.

Ponzi schemes are unreliable because they simply rob people to pay people. The losers are those that joined later so this is not a reliable form of investment. If you’d want to buy into an investment service that is legitimate, check up my recommendation.

Please note that due to a number of complaints about Tessline from users that said funds sent to the company did not reflect, these complainants turned around to say their funds later reflected, we made our investigation and found out that this may be due to network problem on the blockchain.

However, our stance is that this is a risky business to invest in due to the high unsustainable profit it offers. Unless you are willing to risk your funds, do not invest. As a rule, never invest what you cannot afford to lose.

What is your experience with Tessline? Please share it in the comment box below.


Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

51 thoughts on “Tessline Review – If It’s Too Good To Be True

    1. Please … Can You give me the Tchat Group ID . I Need to Involv this Business Please

  1. Its funny u mention the referel program from tessline is unsustanable with 7%,but then u refere a site wich offers 15% and call that legit?i dont see the logic in that tbc…

    1. Hello, Larian. The reason we classify Tessline a scam is that there is no evidence that they are investing or even trading your money. The second reason is that the minimum monthly ROI is 40% and not 7% as you said. This is definitely a Ponzi scheme or lear fraud.

  2. Hi jofor,i never said the roi was 7%.that was related to the referal program.and u said min 40%ROI monthly,with the lowest plan?…the lowest give u tot al profit of 48%…so for 100$ u make 48$profit after 30 working days,so 1,5 months.if thats not realistic then there isnt any out there…and they just gave a conference in Madrid…their CEO….why would he show himself?

    Ik not saying i trust this for 100% either….ppl never should,but this is an actual company compare to others who are mearly a website…

    In the end its people’s own choise,im not telling them its 100% safe to invest here,but investing in something never is.

    1. You can check as well at irland bank website they don’t approve Tessline as invesment company and Allianz.com didn’t make any insurace Allianz said is a fraud company

  3. its like bitconnect, i will not invest again on this fonci scam. That is true they will collect and generate fund all over the world, but the promise of unrealistic income is not possible. Huge amount will be collected by this project would certainly be lost because the intent of the project is to accumulate funds from people. Even if they could pay early investors, most of the later investors will lose their money when more people could not join the scheme.

    1. You’re very right Alex. We all should ask ourselves why they need all that money. Imagine asking everyone to keep making deposits. Every legitimate business has a limited budget. Even ICOs have hard cap but the Tessline group are just allowing unlimited deposits guaranteeing unrealizable profit. Many will surely lose their funds considering this is an unregulated company.

      1. Now Tessline.com is error address, they promise last Monday june 3, 2019 “less than 24 hours every thing will be fine and easier” and Now almost 96 hrs where is TESSLINE???? absolutely your right Jofor… I already invested $7,252.00 not include my co-workers invest.

  4. Hi Sir jofor, can you give me a link of a site which is not HYIP or Ponzi scheme or lear fraud that is good for investment. thank you site.

    1. Hello Guitarpro, please read through the Tessline review, there is a link in it that can yield you good profit. Anyway, check it here.

    2. E proprio Ponzi evuguale a Questra World ho investito 15.000 euro e non li ho mai visto pagava massimo 6% alla settimana dopo un mese buummm !!!!

  5. Where are you guys located? I am in USA and it’s been a few days and I can’t even get on Tessline site. It keeps showing me “404 not found”. It looks like this site doesn’t even exist anymore.

    1. This is why we warn people about putting money in every scheme that promises high returns. Anyway, I wish you luck with Tessline. You’ll need it.

  6. Do you remember Future-bank.com in 2017 ?
    Tessline almost same with that site, the CS not supported and never answer the question.

    First time future-bank.com is legit, always pay and can withdraw everyday, too much promotion but after a few months the site is gone and my money is lost $200.

  7. Until now 5days im waiting because my money did not back im invest 771.56
    I inform the support and all contact but did not answer my problem

  8. Hello friends, my name is Dantas Ailton, I’m from Brazil, São Paulo. For 1 month I made my investments and I paid every day from Tessline to my broker. Not since the 09/04/2019 I have had problems, I sent an amount of 0.47320965 a reasonable amount of money being 2500US $ for the quotation of the day and today a little more. The site accused my payment, but did not release my funds on the balance sheet. Last Friday, April 12, I made a withdrawal that did not reach my brokerage firm and did not leave the Dashboard. They are consecutive errors and on the part of the Support I have had numerous attempts if success, in Skype ignore me. I am not claiming that they stole my money, but for the moment my problem was not resolved with due respect. It was not for lack of sending copies to the board and even to the president of the company. No response, only a rude person answered me saying that I should have a good mood, a Harry and a sophia that I do not even know if they are real people. Stay alert, do not put money in this company, I can say this while my problem is not solved, otherwise I myself here in this channel affirm otherwise. Below is proof of my payment:


    I would like to know if anyone can give me a guideline of who to look for if I need to file a criminal proceeding for stealth (I’ll make it clear if I need to, as I’m still trying to solve my support problem at tortoise steps).

    Dantas Ailton,

      1. Thats all ok !!! Problems solved !!!
        Thank You …

        Dantas , Ailton

    1. Hello, I greet you all.
      as promised I said, that if my problem were solved, I would come here myself to portray myself on the Tessline company.
      Well, my problem was solved after 10 days. From what I learned the company had a problem with their Blockchain account, along with this there was a problem of synchronization with my brokerage firm. Problem solved . Other than that, I had another drawdown problem not received, which I solved after 10 days looking for the transaction in Blockchain and synchronizing. This was not the fault of the company Tessline, and the problem was, as I said of synchronization with my brokerage Bitcoin Trade here in Brazil. So in this case the Tessline company performed the processing correctly. Only the support of the same company, still leaves much to be desired and I hope that it will improve soon.

      After that I executed lootings to other destinations, all executed and received.

      Thank you all

        1. Tessline is not reliable because it is not sustainable. I suggest that you go for a regulated investment platform.

          1. It may be legit but the business model is not sustainable, so investors will soon lose their investments.

  9. hello..when sending money (BTC) sometimes there is traffic from the blockchain..unless your money has not yet arrived at your tessline account then tessline is not reliable… maybe check your btc address..or wait for the confirmation of blockchain…1st time i sent money to my tessline account it arrives 4days..i thought i was scammed but the blockchain was already having a heavy traffic in transferring an account..

    1. I think you’re being economical with the truth. There has been no time the Bitcoin network experienced what you just stated since 2017 and early 2018. 4 days delay? Definitely not true. I think you’re just a promoter of Tessline. Anyway, anyone that invests in this scheme does so at their own risk.

  10. I never had problems with deposits or payouts here. .we have 1 of the top investors of tessline in our watts app group,and he never has problem regarding payouts either…and there some serious payouts not just 5$ as most ppl link saying every site is paying…but actual payouts of a few 1000 dollars

    1. Hello Larian, I do not doubt that Tessline could pay a few investors to encourage others to make deposits. What I’m sure about is that its business model is not sustainable and that people would lose money there. There are safer and better investments than a business primed for failure.

  11. Also tessline is not just a hyip site like 99%Of them are…there a real company who held there first convention last month and an upcomming next month.with the ceo in attendence…how many other hyip company’s or sites do that?

    1. Bitconnect had many conferences you fool and look what happened.

  12. I`m in Tessline from October, never ever had any issues, Tessline always pays on time. The earnings my family invested in gold mining.
    Tessline opened offices in a few countries. A few weeks ago psychic joined Tessline investing $5000 and again $5000. When we asked how long she planning to earn in Tessline, she responded at least this year will be NO ISSUES with Tessline, later she will tell more.
    If someone would like to try , here is the link just in case

  13. I’ve joined tessline end of April via a colleague of mine and he has withdrawn so many times already am just waiting for my date to arrive to do my withdrawals.

    My thing is with investments you win and you can loose even in trading stock its the same you only need to know your limits invest what you can not your life savings cause its always going to be a gamble.

    You honestly have nothing to loose try your luck

  14. Fraudulent, I hope investors get the money back, at begin stories like this always working but here are the facts
    – No authorization for financial investment (So this is already criminal)
    – Office in Ireland is a Regus office and they already give no good comments about Tessline
    – Ian Cameron, is not existing, in the companieshouse he is named as Mr. Ian Cameron McLeod (Irish) but you can see on all videos he is east european and he dont use the name McLeod?
    – The events in Rome and Madrid all fake, theatre, believe me
    – Everyone can phone the Irish authorization (Bank of Ireland) 003531224 4000
    – Also Alliance Insurance Company denies that Tessline have a policy, you can ask ever Alliance Representative
    – Tessline is not allowed to use normal payment providers like paypal, worldpay, etc.

    I wish all good luck and hope its working some weeks more.

    1. If tessline is scam then
      Does anyone know about Worldway capital if this is legit or it also the same with tessline.

  15. I did not receive pincode from tessline… i been trying to reach their customer service and been sending email.. all i got reply is ticket.can anyone please advise what shall i do.. i want to withdraw so i can reinvest.

  16. Hello from South America, I invested 3000 US a month ago and so far every day they have paid, I hope they continue like this for a long time.

  17. I invested in Tessline a month ago, I got my 46% earnings and 100% of my initial investment back. Im willing to invest more so that I could recover all my losses from Scam ICO’s. If you want to join me here’s my link

    I can help answer some of your questions just email me

  18. Telling Tessline is a scam and promoting other investments after? wow!. And they get angry if we insist it’s not illegal. It’s our money and we know the risk. You’re not the only one who knows how to research.

  19. Your article would have been believable & credible if you didn’t have recommendation of other investment site.

  20. It seems that my ancestors were right ….. I would ask you, “Only that”? you can?
    SHAIME will be and not only you can not use the money invested by people, but be put in the situation to give 100 times more health and to be in vain …… See also what do you mean disappointment ….
    I know you now seem to have ALL, but do not forget that everything is paid here on the ground

  21. Tessline website is gone…. Me and too much investors are panic….. so where is Tessline now???? is this sign of SCAM????? I invested already her my savings…

    1. Sorry to hear that. Tessline has always been a scam. Just avoid similar sites. hopefully you’ve learnt your lessons. Just move on.


  23. Tessline website shutdown since June 03, 2019. All investors are now in panic

  24. Where are all the clever guys who said Tessline is a good investment, cant hear them??????????????

  25. Tessline is a scam , i am open to share my experience and enlighten everyone on how i was able to recover my money

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