Tezos Tops in Poll for Next Wanchain Cross-chain

Tezos has proven to be the top platform for the Wanchain cross-chain integration according to the latest poll by the network. Wanchain, the blockchain platform that has been working on cross-chain integration with other blockchain projects conducted an online poll to determine which of the cryptocurrency platforms that should be the focus of its next cross-linkage after EOS.

The poll had IOTA and Tron as other options. It also suggested that participating voters make comment on their preferred coin if it is not listed. According to a tweet seen by Cryptoinfowatch, voters who selected “Other” were encouraged to name their top preference for the linking.

The result shows that Tezos is the most popular among the Wanchain community as the next platform for the Wanchain integration after polling 43.1%, while Tron got 21.7%. IOTA, the internet of things platform is the third most popular with 16.5% of the votes.

By this poll, it is likely that the next cross-chain project will link Wanchain with Tezos. This would enable users to transfer the Tezos token “tezzies” (TZX) assets from Tezos to Wanchain and from Wanchain to Tezos. Also users of either platform would be able to transfer Wanchain tokens (WAN) from the Wanchain platform to Tezos.

Wanchain already supports Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and some ERC20 tokens. The bridge-building platform has been in the forefront of interoperability in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. It is expected to link with the smart contract platform EOS in an ongoing integration work. The community is almost confident that the next platform on line after EOS is Tezos’ TZX.

Author: Chris Mharc

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