The Billionaire Group – Investment Opportunity with Capital Gain Scam

The Billionaire Group

There are many sites that operate based on the notion that people could be deceived into sending funds to strangers if they are presented with seeming evidence that they would make a lot of gains. This is the finding we got from The Billionaire Group, a site that offers investment opportunities to its users.

The site which claims to be backed by a UK registered company even displayed a London physical address, a phone number and an incorporation number, all in bid to convince their prospective investor that they are genuine. However, we decided to investigate the veracity of the claims to know if this is a site that you should send funds to.

What is The Billionaire Group?

The Billionaire Group claims to be a limited liability company based in London. It also claims to be a group of companies managed by some financial experts, enabling it to render financial management services to its clients.

The Billionaire GroupThese clients earn fixed returns on their investments. These profits are from trading activities which the company has been involved in for more than 30 years.

According to the site, the company’s financial guiders have the responsibility of making “handsome profits” which has enabled continuous financial gains for all involved in the business.

As if that is not enough, the company promises its clients that they are backed by 100% guarantee. This means that if the investor did not make expected gains, all they need is demand their funds back and that would be done by the company.

Would You Trust this Site?

The problem with sites that make such claims is that they’re not assuring you that you’ll make money without sending them money. Now think about this: why would the company send back your money if its plan is to steal it?

What recourse would you take if after you sent your funds, you found out that the profit you were expecting isn’t coming?

What is obvious is that many people want to make money. Some of them would do anything to earn money quickly. What they fail to understand is that this quest exposes them to the risk of losing their funds, especially these days that cryptocurrencies are increasingly becoming an instrument for payment.

Low Quality Copy

There are many features to look out for while judging the legitimacy of a business. A casual look at The Billionaire Group website would show that this is not a site that is managed by experts.

The web copy is quite low and there is no indication that the persons that created it had in mind a company that claims that it is a financial services business managing assets for investors.

There can only be one reason for this; it is that the site belongs to people who are simply trying very hard to convince uninformed investors to send funds to the site.

The billionaire GroupA look at the highlighted portion of the site in the image above would convince an experienced investor that the people behind this site are not professionals that should be entrusted with their funds.

No Proof of Physical Address

The Billionaire GroupThe company was registered on February 12, 2019 with the nature of business listed as “activities of real estate investment trusts”. Interestingly, this was months after the site domain has already been registered. This means that the site was up and running before the company behind it was registered.

There is no evidence that the office actually exists at 75 chase side Southgate London N14 5BP. No other source corroborated the claims made on the site. This made us conclude that a visit to the address would not yield anything.

The Billionaire groupSo any investor who sends funds to this site with the hope that it has a physical business somewhere in London has been misled. Scam sites routinely quote addresses to deceive prospective investors.

A 30-Year Old Company

Considering that the site claimed that the company has had 30 years experience in the management of financial assets, this is obviously a false statement. The intention obviously is to convince prospective users that this is an ongoing business that would make them profit instead of the scam it is.

Unrealistic Investment Plans

The Billionaire Group offers six investment plans, with the basic promising investors that they could earn up to 135% in just 24 hours. That this is the lowest plan shows that this is a HYIP. They are basically saying that they can more than double your money in just one day.

The Billionaire GroupHigher plans pay up to 10000% in just 3 months. In other words, this site claims that if you make a deposit of $1000 in July 2019, by October, you’ll withdraw $10,000 no questions asked.

We are always surprised that there are people who believe that such ROI is possible. What they have failed to realize is that if it could be done, these site would not be asking you to invest with them. They’d simply keep doubling their own money until they become extremely wealthy.

A Ponzi Scheme

High yield investment programs are mostly ponzi schemes and this is provable. Ponzi pay older investors with the funds made available by the new investors. What sites like Billionaire Group do is pay a few early investors who made small deposits such as $50 or $100. Bigger deposits such as $500 and higher wouldn’t get their funds back.

The quickest way to lose your cryptocurrency is by participating in HYIP whether you’re making small deposits or not. The risk is just too much and the temptation too real.

What if you sent in $10 and got paid $13. Wouldn’t you be tempted to send in another $10 and then 20 or even 50? We receive emails from people who lose thousands of dollars to sites like this.


Everything on this site was designed to convince the investor that they would make money. However, it is important to know that words are wind, especially on the internet.

The Billionaire groupYou would notice a table of latest deposits and withdrawal on the site. You can bet that is fake stat meant to deceive people. Never trust this site and do not send any deposits. There are regulated investment sites that you should take advantage of to make money.

A regulated site is the only guaranteed investment that assures you that your funds won’t be stolen. You may check our top recommendation where you would get all the guidance you need to grow your assets.

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Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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