The Finance Minister Of Turkey Had A Virtual Meeting With Binance CEO


The Turkish Minister of Treasury and Finance, Dr.Nureddin Nebati had a virtual meeting with Binance CEO to discuss digital assets. This was revealed in a Twitter post shared by the minister on Wednesday, July 27.
The post which was also shared by the Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao, said that the virtual meeting was centered on blockchain technology and digital assets.

High Profile Meetings With Leaders

The meeting with Nebati is one of several that the Binance founder has had with high profile politicians in countries such as Ivory Coast, Senegal and Italy. This is as the CEO strives to create awareness of the prospects and potentials of the industry among policy makers.

CZ said that blockchain technology would be of immense benefit to Africans considering that many in the continent are still unbanked.
In a recent post after the meeting with the Turkish minister, the Binance executive said that adoption of blockchain is a form of foreign direct investment which every country desires.
In the post seen on Twitter, CZ wrote:

“I have never met a government that is against foreign direct investments (FDI).
Blockchain fundraising is the most direct way for entrepreneurs to raise money globally into your local economy. FDI.”

He said that the industry creates jobs, builds talent pools as well as local industries.

Improved Relationship With Turkey

The recent parley with the Turkish minister has been reported as a positive stride by Binance. Last December, the exchange’s subsidiary in the country, BN Teknologi, was slammed with a fine of $751,314 by the Turkish financial crimes agency. This was as a result of non-compliance with the country’s cryptocurrency regulatory laws.

When confronted with the success that Binance has had in Turkey after the meeting, CZ said that the news of friction between the company’s subsidiary and Turkish regulators was blown out of proportion.

Author: Jofor Humani

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