The Meme Coins That Made The Most Gains Today

Meme coins became even more popular in 2021 because of the level of promotion that they were subjected to. This has made them among the top choice of investors because unlike in the past, people are now aware that investing in meme coins can be profitable. Here is the performance of meme coins that did extraordinarily well today.


GM Wagmi is up 17.5% in the past 24 hours. The coin has had a good with intra-day value inching higher. The token is trading at $0.00004835.

This token was built on the Ethereum blockchain and is ranked #2902 according to CMC. It has traded nearly horizontally since January 23. The RSI value of 65 showed it move nearly towards the overbought region before dropping to 59. The chart will potentially form a head and shoulder pattern as it moves towards the $0.00005784 resistance.



Constitution DAO gained 12.02% intra-day trading. The coin is trading at $0.07337 and ranked #158 according to market cap. After arching from a strong downwards channel on January 23, PEOPLE has bounced off the $0.01095 resistance.

With a Relative Strength Index of 56, we should expect more uptrend until the coin tests the $0.079 resistance. Breaching this will follow the new channel to the $0.085 mark. The short-term target would be the strong resistance at $0.100.


(Dogecoin Killer) LEASH

LEASH, the Doge Killer token is up by 11.54%. The token is trading at $1,508.49 and is ranked #3010. The coin traded sideways after a major support was reached on January 22.

A parabolic formation formed a lower low prior to the recent upswing. With a strong buy market sentiment and an RSI of 56.75, LEASH price would continue in an uptrend towards the $1,787 resistance.



Kishu Inu is ranked #2989 according to CMC. The coin is presently trading at $0.000000001909, having gained 6.67% within the past 24 hours.

This dog-based meme coin has been trading horizontally since December 2021 after a rapid pump in October that saw the coin trade at $0.00000008. The price is located at the base of a short-term ascending tunnel. Market sentiments show that it is in the sell region.



Dogelon Mars (ELON) is trading at $0.000001008, with a gain of 5.74% in the past 24 hours. The coin is ranked #121 according to CMC. The coin has formed a descending channel since it reached an ATH of $0.00000228 last October.

However, it started forming a short-term ascending channel after the $0.0000006 support on January 23, 2022.  With a RSI of 55, buying sentiment is high. Safe range up to $0.000001048.


These are the top performers for today and we should be keeping an eye on other assets worth investing in.


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Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative reviews.