There Are Now More Than 6000 Bitcoin ATM Worldwide

There has been a notable increase in the numbers of Bitcoin ATMs across the globe. This is a milestone worthy of commendation. According to the information released by CoinATMRadar online resource, the number of Bitcoin ATM installed all over the world currently stands at 6,004 this includes the over 65% of the Bitcoin ATMs installed in the United States.

This further infers that the United States has the highest number of Bitcoin ATMs compared to any other part of the world. It has been reported that over 108 machines have been deployed this month so far. A recent survey conducted reveal that an average of 11 Bitcoin ATM is installed every day. This is the fastest and the highest milestone recorded ever in the history of cryptocurrencies.

Over three quarter of the Bitcoin ATM machines installed are in North America with over 20% in Europe and 2% in Asia. United states alone have about 3,924 Bitcoin ATM machines, Canada has about 653 Bitcoin ATMs, United Kingdom has 272 while Austria has exactly 189. This reveals that the Bitcoin industry is really experiencing a notable advancement and growth.

Bitcoin ATMs popularly referred to as BTMs afford users the opportunity to purchase BTC and over 35% of the ATM machines have a form of bidirectional capability that can sell spot crypto. Bitstop one of the BTM companies installed this very machine at Miami International Airport in mid-October.

For the sake of security and convenience, most individuals prefer to travel with Bitcoins and with physical cash. The Miami International Airport is just the perfect spot for converting Bitcoins to Dollars and vice versa while travelling home or abroad. Even in the midst of this notable advancement witnessed in the world of Bitcoin, not everyone seems to be happy about this new development of Bitcoin ATMs especially in the United States.


Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative reviews.

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