Three Metaverse Tokens You Should Invest In Before 2022

Despite last week’s mixed market, the metaverse is still going strong with SAND making gains of 101% while other projects associated with the metaverse have not shown any signs of weakening. This has reinforced the notion that the virtual collectible sphere will dominate the coin market in the next few months if not years.

Bitcoin dropped to $53,550 while Ethereum saw a low of $3,934. This week has shown that the market sentiments are still positive with the foremost coins showing uptrend. Bitcoin is presently trading above $56,300 while Ethereum trades above $4,500.

Through it all, what we are witnessing is a strengthening of the coin market as the demand for non-fungible tokens continue to rise. Some of the metaverse tokens that have shown resilience are:


This metaverse project is growing in popularity and user demand has pushed the Sandbox token (SAND) to the 39th position in the coin market capitalization table. With a market value of $6.36 and capitalization of $5,807,043,498, the SAND token is actually 11.8% lower than its value in the past 7 days. This does not in any way imply that the popularity of this user generated game is waning.

SAND is a good investment for those that want to benefit from the rise in the popularity of metaverse projects. As we know, players are inspired by in-game contest and the Sandbox Apha which was launched on November 29 which promises to reward 5000 players with various NFTs may further drive the value of the token upwards.

Ethereum Name Service (ENS)

This project has been promoting the concept of making common names machine readable on its decentralized platform. ENS is presently trading at $59. A recent airdrop promoted the concept of non-fungible tokens by making eligibility to be based on the fact that a wallet has been used to fund an NFT. Even though the coin is ranked 214 on the coin market capitalization and down by 10% in the past 24 hours, ENS is among the metaverse projects that you should keep a close watch on.

PEOPLE (ConstitutionDAO)

Even though ConstitutionDAO lost out of the bid to purchase the first marked copy of the US constitution. Market sentiments and analysis shows that this is a project that is primed for growth.

As last week ended, ConstitutionDAO had $49.8 million that was unspent, and the organizers opted for the most transparent pathway of conducting a refund to all participants using the percentage of tokens bought to distribute the refunds.

We the People, the token launched by ConstitutionDAO is the coin that was launched after the failed bid for the marked US constitution. What we have with this coin is a project that has proven its integrity by opting to refund unspent $49 million raised to bid for the US constitution. So expect investor confidence in the PEOPLE to be high. Ranked 2780 according to market capitalization and trading at $0.06339, this is a good investment.

We saw a 200% surge in the value of the token and this may just be the beginning.
These coins are those that we recommend that you invest in before the end of 2021.

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative reviews.