Tips To Create Best ICO Blockchain Projects

There are thousands of blockchain projects that are launched weekly despite the fact that thousands of tokens are already in the coin market. With investors skeptical due to the fact that many of those projects have failed in the past, it could be a tough task convincing them to invest in your project if you do not do a good job at making a smart presentation.

We are going to look at tips to create best ICO blockchain project presentation because there are many project teams that focus on building the token without realizing that it is just an aspect that most investors don’t care how it is accomplished. The reason is that the primary reason any investor would consider buying into your token is to make profit.

To create a good impression and actually convince the investor that their investments in your project would be worthwhile, it is important that you develop a good concept of token economics, utility, professional marketing approach, a good team, a realistic roadmap, etc.

Token Economics

It is important that you realize that every investor is interested in making profit and they are going to scrutinize the potentials of your token in terms of its acceptability in the community. This is because token value is dependent on the demand which in turn depends on the perception of the investing public.

If the token is presented as having the potential to appreciate in the future, investors would be interested in getting involved with the project so making appropriate valuation of the token price prior to the ICO would determine the potential profit to investor and if the demand for the token would be low or high.

Token Utility

The first issue that investors examine is the problem that your project set out to solve. Days are gone when people bought tokens because every ICO was making profit. This is why any project that wants to succeed must present in clear terms what solutions it has for an existing problem.

Building a project for a solution to a problem that people don’t really need, or one that others have already solved convincingly would not impress many investors.

Professional Marketing Approach

It is very important that the project creates buzz around it as this is what would attract investors to the offering. In creating a marketing campaign, it is important that the team lays emphasis on publicity material to ensure that they are professionally crafted.

Some of these are the video presentation which should give investors a clear overview of what the project is all about. A professionally made video does not just convey information, it creates impression that the project is run by an experienced team that knows what it is doing.

It is easy for some teams to consider making an in-house video, well…if you’re good at making your own video, why not. The emphasis should be on making sure that the video is of excellent standard.

Another aspect of marketing for an ICO is getting the Announcement in forums such as Bitcointalk. The content of the ANN thread should be professionally crafted and the poster should be on ground to answer the queries of people following the thread. 

Also bear in mind that a good ANN thread comprises bounties or signature campaign that would help to create greater awareness for the project. Bounties are promotional campaigns undertaken by members of the cryptocurrency community. The essence is to spread words about the project in a way that many investors become aware of it.

Some of the basic aspects of the campaign are blog reviews of the project by blog owners, sharing information about it on social media such as Facebook and Twitter and other marketing efforts.

Good Team

One of the most important considerations in launching a blockchain project is putting a team together. This is so important in making sure that your project becomes a success because you need an experienced team to handle all aspects of the project.

Also, investors would check the antecedence or experience of your team to determine the likely direction of the project. Good teams elicit confidence in investors and would contribute in the popularity of the project. This is why it is advisable to have people with track records in their fields while building a blockchain project.

Sometimes, some teams use the expertise of advisors if their team members do not have much experience in building blockchain projects. The advisors generally give guidance and advice on key issues that determine the success of the project.

Another issue on team composition is that many investors and industry watchers scrutinize teams of blockchain project to sift out genuine projects from scams. Most scam projects would never use the real identities of the team members for obvious reasons.

In view of the foregoing, it is of essence to make sure that the identities of team members are verified because having a false ID on the project could mar the project. There have been promising blockchain projects that lost credibility because of this. Others have lost funds because one team member was malicious.

Realistic Roadmap

Setting a realistic roadmap and following through with it is important for a blockchain project. Investors would want to look at the timeframe allocated to every stage of the project because they’re all eager to know when they would see their profit (or losses).

The team should give create a realistic roadmap based on its experience and expectations of the community. After investment in an ICO, the investors would follow the progress of the project, so if there are lapses in terms of adherence, the team should correct this with effective communication.

Failure to do this would lead to loss of investor confidence. This would have adverse effect on the value of the token and reputation of the team.


Building a blockchain project is exciting and could be profitable for the team and investors, however these are some of the demands that must be met to make sure that everything works well as expected.

If you are in doubt about any blockchain project, it is better not to invest because the industry is still not regulated. I usually recommend regulated investments for people. You could check our top recommendation here.

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Author: Jofor Humani

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