Topazfinity – Automated dealership Machines Generating Daily Income

There are many sites that claim that they’ll help you make money. Just this morning, I was consulting with a group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts that did not realize that there are no shortcuts to wealth through cryptocurrencies.

They must have been shocked because testimonies abound of people that made their wealth through crypto so sites like are taking advantage of that misconception to render its service to a market comprising people eager to make wealth through Bitcoin even though most barely understood what the digital currency stands for.

Topazfinity – Crypto or Stocks?

Topazfinity is a company that claims that it has created a diversified investment portfolio with which it has been generating profit for its clients since 2017. With emphasis on popular coins such as bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and others, it stated that its emphasis has been on what it called the cryptocurrency ‘stock’ market.

It is not clear if the owners of the site intentionally used stock market to describe the crypto market, however, the site continued by stating that people who join the site as affiliate members could enjoy up to 10 percent in referral bonuses when their referrals make deposits.

When Was Topazfinity Registered?

TopazfinityWe conducted a background check and found out that contrary to the statement on the website,, the domain was registered on March 25, 2019. This implies that the claim that the site has been operational since 2017 is false.

Suspicious investment sites usually want to make unsubstantiated reference to their duration online to create the impression that they are reliable having built online credibility. This is one feature of scam sites that make it easy to identify them. No reputable company would intentionally lie on their site.

What To Make of Topazfinity Investment Scheme

The first question every investor should ask themselves is if the investment they’re about to putting funds in has the capacity to yield the promised returns. A close look at Topazfinity shows that the entity behind the site could not explain what they’re actually doing to make money they intend to pay the investors.

In describing its business, the site could just state,

“ LTD, a private equity firm, has begun to invest in the Cryptocurrency and related industries through the creation of a Balanced Asset Basket with a view to making it profitable in 2017 Specially in Crypto trading Bitcoin , litecoin , ethereum. The main activity of the company is generally in the Cryptocurrency domain and specifically in the Cryptocurrency field of exchange and Cryptocurrency stock markets.”

At best, this is grossly inadequate for any investor to be convinced. But sites such as Topazfinity have other ideas on how to convince people to make deposits by taking advantage of their inordinate desire to make money at all cost.

A High Yielding Investment

TopazfinityWhat would be your reaction if I told you that you could double your money in just 6 hours? Ridiculous, isn’t it? Yet that is what Topazfinity claims it could do. The site has an outrageous plan that it takes just insane to believe them. The fact that you’re reading this review means that there are people who would actually think of making such investments.

Other plans available on the website 25% in 6 hours, 500% in 3 days, 2000% after 7 days and 8000% after 21 days.  You’d wonder why there are still poor people around with this site willing to throw money around. But that’s the plan, isn’t it? The operators of Topazfinity hope that someone would be greedy enough to make that deposit and their money would never yield them any returns.

This is why we always warn people about believing all information they come across on the internet. Some are meant to deceive and steal your money.

Designed for Scam

Sites like Topazfinity were set up to steal people’s funds. That is why they have carefully taken advantage of people’s tendency to be lured by huge profits. They have also posted a table showing latest deposits and withdrawals that are all faked meant to give a visitor to the site the impression that it is genuine.


I remember once that I could have fallen for such tricks when I newly came across Bitcoin. The target of a scam site such as Topazfinity is the uninformed and the greedy who think that they would make quick profits and pull out. It mostly doesn’t work that way.

Conclusion is a confirmed scam so everyone should be wary of them. Sending your funds to this site would result in loss. Even if someone tells you they were paid, it must be small amount meant to create awareness for the site hoping that some big investors would be lured to invest.

There are better ways of earning Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. There are reputable investment sites that could increase your funds and still help you keep them safe. If you’re interested, check our top recommendation.

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Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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