Tron Blocking Japanese Gamblers form Platform



TRX, the number 11 coin according to market cap is the internal currency of the Tron network. The company recently announced that it is complying with Japanese laws to restrict users from the country from having access to decentralized applications (dApps) built on the platform.

Compliance to Local Laws

According to the release published March 31, the platform stated that this is essential to make sure that gambling restrictions are enforced in jurisdictions that have enacted such laws.

The platform which is known for its unconventional marketing practices that sometimes borders on controversy is among the first blockchain networks that has openly advocated compliance with local regulations towards gambling activities.

Investigative Cooperation 

The release which is prohibiting developers not to target Japanese markets with dApps built on its platform is also encouraging such developers to remove them. It added that it would assist authorities in the country in any criminal investigations if the need arises.

Gambling is generally considered a criminal activity in Japan but with decentralized application and VPN, residents could circumvent the laws making the cooperation of decentralized application building platforms necessary to stem the tide.

Exclusion of Japanese

Aside the prohibition of dApps targeting Japanese, the platform is also suggesting builders block IP addresses originating from the country. The platform is suggesting that the dApps built on the Tron network be made to exclude Japanese users.

To show its seriousness, the company is categorical by stating that it would share available data with the authorities in Japan if any developers break local laws.

Tron has shown interest in the dApp market since it launched its network. It recently acquired CoinPlay to help it aggregate all the dApps on one platform so that users wouldn’t need to scour all over before finding them.


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