TRON News: Network Integrates With Carbon for Easier Payments

Tron news

CEO of TRON and BitTorrent, Justin Sun has just revealed that the cryptocurrency company will integrate with a New York Fintech.

Carbon is centered on providing easy to use blockchain software. According to Sun, the new integration with Carbon would enhance payment solutions.

Sun made this update known on his official twitter handle highlighting the importance of streamlining cryptocurrency usage. According to him, the crypto community has not entirely benefited from the significant rise and the daily progress of the industry.

Ease of Use of Crypto Platforms

The complicating technical aspect and other issues are a major obstacle to the everyday person. The Carbon integration is a step towards understanding and bringing solutions to these problems.

According to him:

“We are always looking for simplicity and ease of use for the TRON community, and these types of collaborations are extremely important to bringing buyers and sellers together in our growing dApp ecosystem.”

One interesting feature of this innovation is the in-app purchasing factor. TRON and Carbon will benefit from this integration earning popular support and general acceptance for the companies.

To make cryptocurrency easy to use, Carbon incorporates purchasing with credit cards. With the use of the Fiber fiat currency portal, TRON users will be able to buy TRC 20 synced crypto tokens and other coins. The company also released a stablecoin that has been streamlined with Tron-link, a Tron wallet. The stable coin is known as TRXD.

Supporting Operating Systems

Using Fiber, consumers can purchase virtual currencies via a multitude of transaction techniques. The software supports smartphones as well as popular OS like Android and iOS.  

Nevertheless, this is not the first cryptocurrency integration for Fiber. It already supports networks like EOS, Telos, and Ethereum.

There is a great use for this kind of innovative interfaces for the further development of the crypto ecosystem. TRON’s efforts like the Tron Virtual Machine (TVM) have been very successful in promoting initiatives in the crypto sector.


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