Trump Will Have His Twitter Account Reinstated – David Sacks

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The censorship movement in America has progressively banned opposing views from individuals, groups and even a sitting president, Donald Trump. For years, no one said anything or did anything, but now Elon Musk is doing something.

Key takeaways from the interview granted by David Sacks, the founding COO of Paypal.

  • Censorship is unAmerican and akin to a reign of terror
  • The Twitter team would adapt to Elon Musk’s free speech view or leave
  • Twitter failed to uphold free speech due to “a pandemic of corporate (CEO) weaknesses”
  • Jack professes the love for free speech without implementing it on Twitter
  • CEO spinelessness is responsible for not implementing free speech in Twitter by Jack Dorsey
  • Elon will have to root out an entire staff and culture of censorship in Twitter
  • Musk is a more hands-on leader to drive his vision
  • Many Twitter staff would leave for inability to conform to new culture
  • Twitter has 8000 employees but what Musk needs is just about 2000-3000 employees
  • Twitter must be made to work since it is now one-fifth of the billionaire’s net worth
  • The Twitter acquisition is a risk that Musk took to change the culture of censorship, not to make profit, but he’ll have to find a way of making it a profitable venture
  • Free speech has been losing due to entrenched institutional backing
  • This is the beginning of resistance to censorship in America
  • Will Musk show the inner working of the Twitter algorithm to let people know how transparent Twitter has been?
  • Twitter in the past promoted views they agreed with but pushed down those they never liked
  • The battle may still be far from won since many cloud hosting app stores support censorship
  • Another front may open against Twitter on Congress as we have seen with pressure on Facebook to self-regulate
  • A counter elite is necessary and Elon Musk may be an arrow-head against censorship movement that has pervaded American professional class

The founding Chief Operations Officer (COO) of Paypal, David Sacks said that the Twitter account of former president Donald Trump will be reinstated with the recent takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk. Sacks made the statement during an interview hosted by the FoxandFriends co-host, Will Cain. According to Sacks, Twitter acquisition by Elon Musk represents a “Berlin Wall moment” for free speech in America. He stated that it is also a corrective moment for capitalism.

Sacks said that the move by Musk is remarkable, considering that it is the very first time that someone has stood up against censorship that has beleaguered the system since it was attacked by a wave of censorship that sought to stifle free speech.

Censorship Became A Part of The American Life

According to Sacks, the slide towards censorship started a few years back, but has gradually nearly become a part of American life. He gave instances with social platforms censoring people that do not agree with their concepts or views about issues.

Some of the examples were the Canadian truckers who were de-platformed for expressing their inalienable rights of civil disobedience. Another instance given by Sacks was  the censoring of individuals who expressed dissenting opinions about the efficacy of vaccines during Covid19 pandemic.

He said that this has been tolerated by people despite contravening the basic codes of democracy and free speech, to the extent that “entire categories of thoughts” were banned by platforms.

When asked if suspended users on Twitter such as Donald Trump should have their accounts reinstated, Sacks said categorically that Mr Trump will Have his account reinstated by Twitter under the company’s new free speech censorship.

Should the free speech movement place their trust in a billionaire, Elon Musk?

The difference between what Elon Musk is doing and what other businesses do is that Musk is obviously serious since he has been under attack for years for his advocacy for free speech. He maintained that there may be a healthy skepticism even though a “savior can take away what they gave”.

They maintained that Jack Dorsey is rather an enigma, since he was the CEO of Twitter when the platform started clamping down on free speech. This activity, according to Sacks, did not conform with some of the ideals that Dorsey was known for in his speeches.  However, he said that it is not likely that Musk, who has been severely attacked for his stance on free speech, would backtrack against it like Dorsey did.

Musk is A Hands-On Manager

According to Sacks, under Dorsey, Twitter was run by the staff with little day-to-day input by Jack Dorsey. This resulted in the many infractions against free speech by the company. He made it clear that things will be different under Musk, since unlike Dorsey, he is a very much on-hand person in the running of his businesses such as SpaceX and Tesla.

Reacting to the interview, Musk agreed with the views of Sacks and described the show as an “accurate interview”.

Author: Jinka Kamma

Jinka Kamma is passionate about the prospects of blockchain and the freedom cryptocurrencies afford people across borders. He holds small amounts of bitcoin and tether.