Trustgold – UK Company Gives Lesson in Trust


Trustgold has been listed as a Johnson Clarke company on its site even though it did not describe the antecedence of the company. We were enthralled by the fancy website put up by the owner so we decided to give it a background check knowing that fancy websites do not necessarily make money for investors.

In fact, scammers are known to have everything in place to make sure that investors are so impressed that they go all the way to make the investment decision that enriches the fraudster.

This is why it is of utmost importance not to be carried away by what we see on investment sites, especially the random ones that have no known antecedence.

What is Trustgold?

TrustgoldThis is a cryptocurrency investment company that claims that it has taken advantage of a large pool of funds contributed by investors who trust them to mine cryptocurrency for profit.

The site stated that the company has expertise in the difficult aspects of mining and invest the funds in a way that guarantees earnings for the investor, so that they can sit back and enjoy the generated profit.

The site claimed that the emphasis of the company is on the security of assets and guaranteed profit irrespective of how much the investor contributed.

According to them,

“The modern sphere of Investments in Cryptocurrency has been rapidly gaining Popularity over the last few years. Thousands of people are wondering how to earn Bitcoin. That’s where we come in”

How Reliable is This Site?

It is one thing to make claims online and quite another for those claims to be realistic and realizable. Then we have to consider the character of the people making the claims to ascertain that they actually mean business and that their words are worth anything.

We would now check the claims made on the site to determine how true they are, knowing that a site that misrepresents facts is likely representing a fraudulent entity.

Who is Behind the Site?

One of the most important questions that an investor should get answer to before making an investment is who owns the site. Many fraud sites are operated on the presumption that there are many investors who will never ask questions but blindly make investment deposits to strangers hiding behind the web.

This ought not to be, so we made enquiries with the support regarding the identity of the owner of Trustgold, but as at the time of writing this report, we could not get a convincing answer regarding the owner.

TrustgoldEven though they claimed to be based in the UK, there is no evidence that this is so beyond phone numbers that could have been registered days earlier or even SIM bought from the black market.

Needless to say that investment sites whose owners are not identifiable are not to be trusted with your funds. They could turn exit scam at any moment.

How Long Has The Site Been Online?


Trustgold1697 running days is clearly displayed on the site giving the impression that this site has been online for more than 4 years. This contradicts the truth because we conducted a Whois search on this site and found out that the domain was registered on March 19, 2019.

When investment sites lie about the length of time they’ve been online, they do it to gain undeserved trust from investors. The only reason anyone would do that is that they are not trustworthy.

Scammers know that many investors erroneously believe that sites that have been online for long periods are reliable. So they claim what they are not to gain trust and steal investors’ funds.

High Yield Investment Scam

When a site claims that it could double your money in 24 hours just as Trustgold claims, you do not need to search further if you’re looking for scammers. It is an indisputable fact that no genuine investment site offers such high ROI.

TrustgoldCyber crooks appeal to the emotion of people knowing that many would want to get rich with little or no work. What better option do they have than to offer free money doubling scheme as bait to steal the deposits they’d receive?

If these scammers have the ability to double you money, they wouldn’t spend time and energy promoting their sites for you to make deposits to them. They would rather focus on doubling their own money again and again until they become the wealthiest people on earth.

The fact that they cannot double their own funds is indicative that they’re interested in stealing your money.

Differing Contact Addresses


TrustgoldOn its support page, Trustgold claims that its contact address is 01 Great Avenue, 1st street, while on its footer, they gave their address as 15 Basinghall Street, Barbican, London.

A business cannot possibly be a serious one if it is confused about its own operational address. Condemning this company, is the fact that it could not give a single evidence to prove that the information on its site is true.

Scammers think that it is enough to set up a site and people would start making deposits. Some of them do a good job at it, but many others like Trustgold are just too lazy to present a scam that is remotely convincing beyond a fancy website.

They claim to be a company but could not prove it with a document, not that it could have changed anything but they are just too lazy to work at making the scam remotely presentable.

They claim they have deposits and withdrawals. Yet despite the fact that the blockchain is an open ledger, these fraudsters are too dull to know what to do.

TrustgoldAnyway, scams thrive because many investors are also lethargic over research, so they believe whatever nonsense presented by scam sites.


A genuine investment site would not promise you ROI out of tune with reality. The owners of such sites are known and they are licensed to render financial services. For the site that has helped us make consistent income, check our top recommendation.

You can take advantage of their social copy trading service and do what experts do to grow your assets. Remember that all forms of investments bear risks.

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Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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