TXINY Finance Review – Enduring Scam Poised To Steal Your Crypto

Txiny Finance

The popularity of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies has led to the influx of many scam projects with the objective to steal the funds of investors. In this Txiny Finance review, we shall look at the project with the hope to unveil if it is a worthwhile venture.

It is possible that you came across this website in a bid to make some extra money for yourself. There are possibly many affiliates promoting the site so gaining the attention of a potential user is expected.

However, what is not advisable is sending your funds to strangers without running a background check to make sure that they are who they claim they are. This is the only way you can be sure that your funds would not be lost.

What is TXINY Finance?

Txiny FinanceThis is a company that claims that it was registered in London with the purpose of helping investor benefit from the cryptocurrency boom.

 The company claims that they are a group of financial professionals that are involved in cryptocurrency trading and investment. They maintained that their investors would make increased and appreciable profit by joining the scheme.

It claims that they have been in operation for 1082 days which is more than 2 years. This claim was verified through a Whois search that confirmed that the domain was registered on December 29, 2015.

This gives impression that the site may have been online for this length of time, but what we are aware of is that the domain may have been registered with the objective of using it as an aged domain for a website later.

In any case, the company’s operational duration does not imply that it is legitimate to invest with.

Who is Behind this Business?

It is not certain why most of the links on the site are not working. However, from the information available on it, the owners claim that the company was registered in the UK.

We have always maintained that registering a company does not make its activities legitimate. There are many companies registered yearly with the purpose of being used to defraud people.

Fake Company ID

A check at the Company House database shows that the registration number that Txiny Finance claimed that belongs to them actually belongs to another company, Golden Coins Investment Limited.

Txiny FinanceGoldencoins Investment Limited, which owns the company registration number 10616803 was dissolved on July 24, 2018, which is just over a year ago. It is common practice of scam investment companies to lay claims to what they are not as seen from this advice from the Security and Exchange Commission:

“In order to attract unsuspecting investors and gain their trust, fraudsters may boast about credentials they do not have.  They may fabricate, exaggerate, or hide facts about their backgrounds to portray themselves as successful professionals and to make you believe that the investments they offer are legitimate.”

 This is obviously what Txiby Finance has done in its bid to gain the trust of the investor. You should know that any investment site that lies to make you buy their investment would end up stealing your funds. The SEC guide continued:

“Do not trust someone with your investment money just because he or she claims to have impressive credentials or experience, or manages to create a “buzz of success” around himself or herself.”

The site used the Goldencoins Limited address given as 2 Macklin Street, London, England, WC2B 5ND as its physical address.

Txiny FinanceNo one should be left in doubt at this point that this has no correlation with the activities of Txiny Finance unless the fraudsters behind this site were the initiators of the defunct Goldencoins.

Impossible Returns of Investment

Whether you’re dealing with a ponzi scam or a HYIP, they generally have one thing in common – their promises of high and unrealistic profit. This is the main bait that fraudsters behind these sorts of investments use to lure investors into buying their fraudulent schemes.

Even though this type of fraud has been in existence for a long time, the advent of digital currencies has made it a common scam. The SEC, in a bid to highlight this type of fraud, wrote on its site:

“SEC and CFTC staff have recently observed investment scams where fraudsters tout digital asset or “cryptocurrency” advisory and trading businesses.  In some cases, the fraudsters claim to invest customers’ funds in proprietary crypto trading systems or in “mining” farms.  The fraudsters promise high guaranteed returns (for example, 20-50%) with little or no risk.”

Investment Plans

Txiny FinanceThis is a reflection of the type of ROI that Txiny Finance promises its investors. There are six investment plans available on the site. The lowest plan has returns of 130 percent in just 1 day.

The investor could make a minimum deposit of $10 and a maximum of $50,000. The other mining plans have even higher profits with the highest promising payments as high as 1500 percent in 30 days.

The concept behind the plans seems to be that the investor should expect higher payment if they chose a plan with longer tenure. In any case, what is certain is that these are unrealistic returns and the entity behind this site has plans of paying the participants in the long run.

Ambitious Ponzi

What ambitious fraud sites like this do is that they form ponzi schemes and may pay investors that made smaller deposits with the funds brought in by new investors. The objective is to create buzz and traffic around the site until they have a lot of money coming in.

The fraudsters would gauge when the inflow of funds is at its peak and may decide when to exit from the scam. This is the point at which the scam site shuts down, leaving the participants in the scheme mourning their losses.


Txiny Finance is just another fraud site poised to steal the funds of investors. You must not be caught investing in this type of site, because it is the quickest way to lose your funds. There are better ways of growing your assets than risking losing them with scam sites.

The best investment strategy is using regulated platforms that have built online reputation. These are sites that are licensed to render financial services. You can check our top recommendation for such service.

Have you used Txiny Finance or a similar site? Please share your experience with us using the comment box below.   


Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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