UNICEF Leveraging Blockchain for Internet in Kyrgyzstan


UNICEF is looking at ways to make internet access across schools in Kyrgystan a reality through the use of blockchain. The UN body has been reported to be in talks with the local authorities in Kyrgyzstan to figure out the best way to improve educational  access to internet in the country.

It is worthy of note that most schools in the country do not have access to internet connection and those that do have are limited by poor Bandwidth which hinders use for heavy tasks such as research.

A Thousand Schools Target

The project plans to provide internet to 1,560 schools across the country in a bid to help the educational system through sustainable channel. A UNICEF official stated that providing internet to Kyrgyzstan’s schools was the main goal of the project in the meantime.

Furthermore, he added that the organization is currently dealing with the mapping, connectivity and accounting matters of the project, hinting that the it would be carried out through the next few months.

According to Munir Mammadzade,  the deputy representative for UNICEF Kyrgyzstan, the agency is working on the project in collaboration with the government which has given support and encouragement towards the blockchain project. There also are local companies involved in the project.

A Better Approach

Chris Fabian, a lead project personnel of UNICEF Ventures stated that the project would be executed in modules adding that accounting and mapping are improtant aspects of the project execution:

“You can easily see where the blockchain layers would come in… If you want to pay as a donor – government or company – for a whole section of the country to come online, wouldn’t you rather do that in a way that is authentic and real and accountable as opposed to just sending money somewhere and hoping two years later that something happens?

UNICEF has already invested $200,000 in two Blockchain-related startups from its innovation fund in last December. The agency has initiated blockchain related projects in Australia, Tunisia and Bangladesh in its belief that it is a technology that could have direct impact on developing countries.

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