Unitex Capital: A Get Rich Quick With Fraudsters

unitex capital

There are many sites that are online with the intention to defraud people. In this United Capital review, we would point out the reasons why you should be careful in case in you are considering investing with this site.

Unitex Capital is a company that was formed due to the increasing interest in crypto investment. This is according to the site which is promising users quick returns for investing with the company.

The company stated that it has put together a team of expert investors that have been making a lot of profit for all investors. We made a background check on the claims and found them wanting.

Now look at this:

“Due to the large number of trading strategies, which the Intelligence also uses for analysis, Unitex Capital can guarantee 100% success of transactions. This allowed the company to create ideal conditions for investors from anywhere in the world. Business with Unitex Capital is absolutely risk-free and has a very flexible platform.”

Unitex Capital

How Reliable is The Site?

The site claims that the company has ability to generate 100 percent of the investment. This is doubtful because no genuine investment company would give investors such assurances knowing that on a good day, every investment is risky.

So why would the owner of Unitex Capital make such propositions? The answer is that they are just interested in getting the investment deposits and not in fulfilling any obligations because in reality, they do not feel obligated to the investor.

Scam artists take advantage of the fact that there are many people who are unnecessarily trusting without conducting adequate research on what is posted as an investment opportunity. The rest of this post will point out the signs that every investor should look out for before sending funds to a random site.

The Company Office

Unitex Capital

It is very obvious that no dubious investment site would give accurate information regarding its location and operations. So when a site that is offering a deal that is too good to be true posts an operational address, it is almost certain that it is false.

Unitex Capital claims that it operational office is 1 Willis Street, Wellington Central, Wellington, 6011, NZ. Our investigation shows that this is the State Insurance building and there is no indication of a company like Unitex Capital registered there.

We are aware that not every business may be listed, but when a shady site like UC is soliciting for funds from people, it should be transparent enough to assure the potential investor that they are not exposed to fraud. Genuine investment companies are not shrouded in mystery.

What is The Identity of Owner?

The most reliable investment sites are owned and operated by known entities. We have seen this again and again unlike the fraudulent ones which would hide under false names and anonymity to defraud people.

For instance, I know the identity of the CEO of my favorite investment site. This gives me confidence that my funds are safe.

Why would you send your money to a site that you’re not sure of the identity of the owner? Unitex Capital did not show the identity of the owner but hopes that some investors send them their money. For a company that was registered in January 2020, that is rather preposterous.

Unitex Capital 


Whether a ponzi, pyramid or high yield investment program, you’re unnecessarily risking your money if you participate in any of these schemes.

Unitex Capital requires a minimum investment of $50 and promises the investor that they would earn up to 1.8 percent daily. This means that they claim they could double your money in less than 2 months. Is this a good deal? Not likely.

Sites which make such outlandish claims are run by fraudsters eager to deceive people and get their money. After sending money, the investor gets nothing.

These sites are just funnels for crooks wanting to steal the money of the uninformed. No genuine investment site promises overnight riches. Cyber criminals take advantage of people’s eagerness to make quick money to defraud them.

Unitex Capital

The owners of these fraudulent investment schemes are aware that it would be a tough call for anyone getting their money back since it’ll cost the victim more trying to arrest an overseas crook. Unless the money involved is substantial, most victims of scams hardly file complaints with the police.


Your best bet in avoiding online investment scams is educating yourself to identify the genuine ones. A good investment site would have known owners, it would be regulated and its profit margin would be realistic.

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Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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