Unlock protocol announces a new capability that supports NFT airdrops via emails

One of the challenges that new entrants in the crypto space face is that they mostly have not used a crypto wallet before. With the soaring interest in digital collectibles, new adopters need to own wallets and also learn how to use them before owning their own non-fungible tokens. That barrier is about to be broken with the announcement by Unlock Protocol that the platform can support the receipt of NFTs via emails.

Growing adoption through emailing

With this development, anyone can receive their NFTs through their emails. This implies that networks can run on blockchain and easily onboard users who wouldn’t be hampered by the need to own crypto wallets before they can gain access to the use cases of various blockchain networks.

A release by Unlock Protocol seen on February 17 says that the capability would enable on-chain platforms to reach more people in use cases such as ticketing and loyalty programs just by sending emails and rewarding users with collectibles through this medium.
Unlock Protocol has been building a platform that links creators directly to online communities with the objective of building stronger relationship with communities and fans, thereby giving the creators and collectors greater control.

A whole new world of adoption

Julien Genestoux, CEO and Founder of Unlock Protocol said,

“The biggest difficulty for brands wanting to leverage NFTs is the user experience of integrating crypto wallets and being comfortable in that environment. By taking NFTs directly to audiences through email, a whole new world of adoption is possible. What we’ve built with this integration has the ability to transform a brand experience into the world of community building.”

He maintained that the impact of taking NFTs to the people is that brand experience could be transformed through this integration. Unlock Protocol said that they, like all cryptocurrency enthusiasts, are aware of the friction that new users encounter in trying to adopt blockchain technology. Reaching this class of people has a lot of advantages since email is a powerful tool that they’re already comfortable with.

The release by Unlock said that the integration of email with Web3 will make the transition to the newer technology easier for new adopters. They added that this will also make it easier for brands to have their users or membership programs live on the blockchain. It stated that a new frontier in design space has been opened for brands.

NFT as a backend infrastructure

“NFTs are on their way to operating as backend infrastructure that users don’t even know they’re dealing with. This has been the most applicable use case for this technology from the beginning, and this recent update takes us one step closer to that reality,” said Genestoux. “The days of expensive ape pictures are hopefully behind us, so it’s time to focus on using this technology as digital infrastructure.”

People want convenience and breaking the loop of moving through processes that they’re not used to will go a long way in helping new users adopt Web3 technologies easily.

Author: Kamma

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