Upcoming Ethereum Classic Hard Fork Gets OKEx Support

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OKEx recently announced that it would support the upcoming Ethereum Classic hard fork expected by September 12 and 13, 2019 when the ETC blockchain will hard fork at the block height 8,772,000 on the expected date.

In view of the expected fork, the exchange announced that its customers should make deposits of their ETC in advance since the technical aspect of the fork would be handled by the exchange. This advice became necessary to ensure that the assets of the customers are safeguarded during the fork.

All Assets Are safe

Other guidelines issued by the exchange are suspension of deposits and withdrawal at 12:00 Sept 11, 2019 (CEST, UTC+2). The service would resume when the ETC mainnet has stabilized after the fork. The OKEx release stated that the users’ accounts with the exchange would not be affected by the fork.

Users of the exchange were advised to keep abreast of subsequent updates regarding the event. The Atlantis update is meant to have the two sister chains of Ethereum and Ethereum Classic more compatible. This would lead to greater collaboration between the two chains while improving the functionality of ETC.

According to ETC Labs, one of the contributors to the Atlantis upgrade:  

“The community has had a number of meetings to discuss timing, scope and involvement, and we have decided on the direction and timing of the Atlantis release. So, the decision was made and the community and stakeholders are all moving forward.”

The project’s has the objective of yielding to interoperability between Ethereum chains as seen on the GitHub page which stated that it seeks:

“establishing and maintaining interoperable behavior between Ethereum clients is essential for developers and end-user adoption, yielding benefits for all participating chains (e.g., ETH and ETC, Ropsten and Morden, Görli and Kotti).”



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