Vasil Mainnet Upgrade, The Most Important Cardano Upgrade Is Expected On July 3


The cryptocurrency community is expecting the next Cardano update on July 3. This is according to a recent Twitter update by Input Output, the research and development organization behind the drive for the advancement of blockchain technology through the Cardano network.

The June 28, release acknowledged the support of Cardano SPOs in readiness for the Vasil HFC event. This is the biggest update of the Cardano network since inception.

It added that:

“Once the changes have taken effect after the start of epoch 215 at 20:20 UTC on 3 July, the #Cardano testnet will start to enjoy the new #Vasil enhancements and capabilities that we’ll soon see on mainnet.”

THe Merits of Cardano’s Vasil Upgrade

The mainnet upgrade, Vasil is expected to confer certain benefits on the Cardano network. The update from the organization says that as at Wednesday, June 29, 75% of block production on the Cardano testnet was being made via the new Vasil nodes. It stated that with this density is enough incentive for the Cardano chain to proceed with the upgrade.

Some of the benefits of Vasil are improved throughput accomplished through diffusion pipelining. This results in better script performance and enhanced developer experience. Another benefit of the Vasil is a lower transaction cost on the Cardano blockchain.

The Most Elaborate Cardano Upgrade

With this in mind, the Cardano team states that as the most important upgrade yet undertaken by the platform carrying it out in a safe and secure manner is the primary concern of the team.

#Vasil improvements include higher throughput through diffusion pipelining to a better developer experience via much improved script performance & efficiency (plus lower costs). It is #Cardano’s biggest and best upgrade to date.”

It stated that a request from the community demands that a 4 week grace period be given to the exchanges, SPOs and developers to test and make necessary upgrades before the hard fork.

The Vasil is named after, Vasil St Dabov, a long-standing Cardano community member, who passed on recently.



Author: Jofor Humani

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