Viking Bitcoin – Seafood On Blockchain Or Money in Their Pocket?

Viking bitcoin

The concept of blockchain has got many people thinking of ways to bring its benefits to more industries. is a site that seems interested in bringing the benefits of blockchain to the seafood industry. This would have been a laudable project but for several reasons.

One fact that you have to realize is that there are many people out there that do not really care what they do to make a living. Many of them would rather take advantage of laudable ideas to defraud others just to make gains for themselves.

This is why at Cryptoinfowatch, we advise people to take time on due diligence before putting their funds in any project irrespective of what it promises. So if you came across Viking Bitcoin and you’re thinking of investing on this site, take some time and read through this post to understand what you’re getting involved with.

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What is The Project?

Viking Bitcoins claims it wants to use blockchain to make the seafood industry better and safer. Then it wants to make it trusted or perhaps, it wanted to state that they’re planning to take advantage of the so-called “trustless feature” of the blockchain to make the industry better through decentralization.

The owner of the company is The Norwegian Seafood. It feels that seafood sector of the agricultural industry is lagging behind in efficiency and innovation especially with regards to available data in the supply chain management.

Viking BitcoinThis dearth of data has hindered efficiency in handling most of the value points of the seafood chain. They maintained that if this scenario persisted, it would be a matter of time before the system collapses.

They also believe that the problem is so complex that even the government is aware of it and have begun to demand adequate date prompting NGOs and forward looking companies to work in this direction even though results are still minimal.

The projects whitepaper claimed that available data must reflect the rate of harvest of seafoods before the industry could be rest assured that it has done enough towards sustainability.

The Problem

The project claims that the seafood ecosystem has grown beyond the ability of conventional systems to keep managing it. This challenge needs novel approaches such as provided by blockchain to effectively tackle.

It stated that the problem the seafood industry faced in terms of availability of data is that there are many players that are unconnected to one another. The fragmentation is the direct cause of the absence of a central database that is appropriate for industry need.

The company envisages a situation whereby the seafood industry would benefit from decentralization to enable it harvest needed data as has been applied with physical goods in some industries.

Who is Behind Viking Bitcoin?

Viking BitcoinThe so-called seafood management platform that wants to proffer solutions to the need of the industry gave contradicting information on the site on the entity responsible for the project. There are Seafood Inc and the Norwegian seafood Council, both of which were mentioned on the site.

The site claims that the latter has offices in various cities and is interested in identifying opportunities for Norwegian seafood in the international market. It also claims affiliation with the Norwegian ministry of Trade, Industries and Fisheries.

The ICO Team

Viking BitcoinThere may have been no reason to doubt that this is an authentic project debar the ICO team that the site presented. A careful assessment of the team shows that they are mostly unverifiable profiles since there was no social accounts associated with the team members.

This is the first evidence that you’re dealing with a fake ICO team which invariably points to a scam. An in-depth assessment shows that the team members are fakes and all pulled from other internet sites.

Reverse research shows that the photo Randall Jenkins who is the CEO of the company is actually a model’s picture from a stock image site.

Viking BitcoinThe same is applicable with the other team members. Scammers are always eager to conceal their identities because they’re aware that it would be easier for law enforcement agents to get them if they used real IDs.


The Viking Bitcoin project is just another strategy with which scammers wanted to steal digital currencies and this must be resisted. Scam ICOs and related scams have been albatrosses on the crypto industry. Do not be deceived by any site just because they made attractive claims. Always conduct some research before sending your money to strangers. For a reliable investment, check my recommendation.

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Author: Jofor Humani

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