Vogu Collective Integrates Chainlink for First Randomized NFT Art

The Vogu Collective has announced the integration of the Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) on the Ethereum main net, following their launch of a randomized NFT collection of 7,777 unique robot avatars.

Chainlink – Official Channel announced this development in a tweet on the handle with a link to The Vogu Collective’s official medium blog making the announcement.

This development will open doors to a more secure and exciting experience as users can now collect and trade their NFTs on the secondary market with absolute confidence in the validity of their smart contracts. They’ll also have unrestricted access to other Vogu releases, thanks to Chainlink.

The Vogu, however, hints that the best is yet to come, as the NFT collection is just the inception of an immersive storytelling and multimedia art project in which most of the vital roles like shaping and growing creative content using collectibles.

The NFT randomized robot avatars dubbed Tars are set in an expansive sci-fi world and of narrative significance with Vogu’s Project Lore and future projects like stories, arts, and asset releases.

Vogu confirms that users of Tar NFTs will get access to The Great Vogu Metaverse, which will enable multiple media forms in the way they create and distribute their content.

The development, they continued, is a way to join the ever-expanding, fast-developing, and collaborative community of Vogu users.

The company further explained that a secure random number generator (RNG) helped assemble the 7,777 art pieces to give room for independent audit by users.

The Vogu Collective revealed that Chainlink VRF was the preferred choice due to their cutting-edge research and the stability of their oracle infrastructure.

The on-chain confirmation of cryptographic evidence and assured sincerity of the numbers supplied to the smart contracts is also a factor contributing to their choice.


Author: Raji Sakiru

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