Volaris airline and bitcoin acceptance

Volaris airline and bitcoin acceptance

According to El Salvador’s president, Volaris Airlines accepts bitcoins. This news can be very good news for bitcoin enthusiasts and El Salvador, in other areas of service to its citizens, consider bitcoin as a viable solution. This is not the first time that an airline has accepted bitcoin. Also, Mexico’s TAR Airlines announced in 2015 that they would accept bitcoin.

El Salvador President (Nayib Bukele) said at the event and on Twitter on Oct 19:

Low-cost airline Volaris will accept bitcoin in El Salvador, becoming the first carrier in the world to do so.

Also in the Volaris event shared on Twitter, Bukele said in comments:

“This allows us to increase the offering of flights for Salvadorans, in addition to being the first airline in the world to accept bitcoin and of course Chivo wallet”

Volaris, based in Mexico, has announced that it will make it possible for its customers to pay with the digital currency for the airport’s services, given the acceptance of bitcoin as a legal tender. This feature allows Bitcoin to be used in other service sectors. So El Salvador’s president has played an important role in accepting bitcoin on Volaris Airlines.

Author: mr_ROBOTT

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