Wanchain 4.0 is Live for Interconnectivity

Wanchain 4.0

The Wanchain platform has announced the release of its long awaited Wanchain 4.0. This is a fulfillment of one of the milestones of the project as set out on the whitepaper published by the foundation. The objective of the Wanchain 4.0 is the integration with private blockchains. This much was explained in a Medium post published January 20.

According to the release,

“The 4.0 release features the T-Bridge framework (with the “T” standing for “Trust”), a generalized framework for data and asset transfer between heterogeneous public and private blockchains.”

The project will enable developers to connect private chain-based applications to the world of public blockchain as well as create the platform on which additional featured that promote cross-chain interconnectivity is built.

Interconnectivity of all types of blockchain has been at the fore of Wanchain, considering the rapid growth of public and private blockchains since inception of the technology.

The platform achieved its first interconnectivity with Ethereum, enabling users to transfer assets between ETH and the Wanchain network in July 2018. It went further to accomplish the same feat with Bitcoin in December 2018 on the Wanchain 3.0. This interoperability between Wanchain and Bitcoin enables te transfer of assets between the two networks.

Wanchain has also accomplished interoperability with ERC20 tokens and is working on expansion of the support for more ERC2o based tokens and EOS. The main advantage of Wanchain 4.0 is that it enables interoperability between the Wanchain network and private blockchains which are permissioned unlike the permissionless public ones. These private blockchains have strict privacy and security requirement being built and managed by enterprises and consortiums.




Author: Jofor Humani

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