Wanchain News: Platform Targets Appropriate Disclosure in Coin Market

Wanchain News

Wanchain is working on a project that enhances transparency in the coin market. This is main due to the belief of the network that it is high time the coin market transitioned from its largely speculative nature to a more rational one that gives investors all the information needed to make informed decisions.

Top this end, the Wanchain Xangle would partner with a number of exchanges to provide institutional grade reporting on blockchain projects. These reports would be kept up to date and made available to the network’s partners in the quest to give investors working instruments they can depend on with regards to blockchain projects.

Xangle disclosure would help reduce information distortion which is common among many projects. There also have been exchanges that essentially cook their books to inflate volumes making it difficult to rely on many a random exchange.

The Xangle project is made public friendly in that people could access the Xangle page to get up to date information about tokens and blockchain businesses. Collaborating with Wanchain in this disclosure project are exchanges such as Bithumb, Korbit, Coinone, GOPAX, and CPDAX and others not yet mentioned by the release.

About Xangle

The essence of the project is to provide up to date information not readily available about crypto platforms to enable enthusiasts make informed decisions. Data that would be provided include on-chain token data and off chain information about the company and teams behind them.

Although still on its beta, the team is working on a revamp that would have Wanchain at the center of information flow that would fill this gap in the industry.

What is Wanchain?

Wanchain claims to be the structural connection linking the decentralized financial world. Its live blockchain is EVM based and features optional private transactions and provides permissionless secure approach to interoperability. It has its employees in several countries such as China, Spain, United States and Malaysia.

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative reviews.

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