Wanchain Opens New Office in Eastern China


Wanchain, the blockchain interoperability platform team has announced that it has opened a new headquarters in Jiangnan water town of Hangzhou. The inauguration ceremony held on December 19 was attended by the platform’s executives such as the president and CEO, Jack Lu and many local business leaders.

In his presentation, Lu gave insight into cryptocurrencies and blockchain uses using Bitcoin and Ethereum as case studies to show the prospects of the technology.

In what he termed the “chain reform” Lu highlighted the impact that blockchain would make on the real economy. This according to him is due to the distributed technology’s immutability, traceability  and trustless features which would enhance accountability in areas such as governance, social welfare, logistics and supply chain management and such other areas that can be tokenized on the blockchain.

Another speaker, Li Guogang, the vice president of Gonglian Technology emphasized on cross-border remittance prospects and global trade. He stated that distributed consensus could be used in the promotion of global trade.

Other speakers are Nicholas Krapels, a China-based American Economics professor who emphasized the use of smart contracts and Lou Hongjie the general Manager Wanchain East who later granted an interview with Zhejiang Television Station Economic Life Channel.

The Wanchain team believe that the new eastern headquarters is another milestone in the platforms quest to make significant impact in the government industries and private enterprise with respect to the distributed ledger technology.

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative reviews.

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