Wanchain Saturn Hard Fork scheduled for July 5


The Saturn Wanchain hard fork (v3.0.0) has been scheduled for July 5. This is according to a post that the team made on Medium. It is expected that this would occur at the block height 21,454,700. The update mandates Wanchain validators to upgrade their GWAN client to the latest v.3.0.0. This is essential to avoid synchronization issues at the point of the upgrade.

Features of The Saturn Upgrade

A Twitter post by the Wanchain network says that the primary features of the hard fork are:

  • New EVM (London hard fork version)
  • Support for EIP1559
  • Support for SHA3
  • Support for the latest EVM opcodes
  • Support for the seamless migration of new DAPPs from Ethereum

It added that there are two ways that validators can make upgrades to their clients. These are manually or via script. Validator nodes would require more storage space after clients are upgraded to the v.3.0.0. A minimum of extra 20GB is required after the upgrade. This need will continue to grow as the GWAN grows, the report says.

Exchange Compliance

Regarding the crypto community with respect to exchanges, the post says,

“Exchanges are requested to close the deposit and withdrawal services before the Wanchain blockchain reaches block height 21,454,700 (expected on July 5, 2022). Deposit and withdrawal services can be reopened once Wanchain’s Saturn hard fork is complete.”

Wanchain is currently ranked #422 according to its market capitalization of $37 million. The network is a distributed platform that enables cross-chain transaction and interoperability between several blockchains. It is also a stand-alone blockchain that process and maintain transactions.

Details of the proposed Saturn hardfork can be seen here.


Author: Jofor Humani

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