Web3 company, DEA, is building “Answer-to-Earn” service using proof of concept


Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA) wants to disrupt traditional ad using blockchain technology.

Answer-to-Earn is a new business model in the Web3 gaming space. This is a model that enables companies in the space to promote their services among GameFi users. A May 24 press release by the Singapore-based Digital Entertainment Asset (DEA) said that the company has developed the Anser-to-Earn model to help GameFi projects promote their services to players.

The proof-of-concept initiative built on PlayMining will enable companies in the Web3 space to conduct quizzes and surveys. Participating players in the GameFi space will be rewarded with cryptocurrencies and NFTs for their efforts.

Scheduled for launch in Q3 of 2023

The service, which has been scheduled for launch in Q3 of 2023, is inviting companies and entities to be a part of the Web3 advertising initiative.

Naohito Yoshida, the co-founder of DEA, said that the evolution of answer-to-earn is a natural sequence to the play-to-earn concept. He added that the company will ensure that the former is designed to be “more approachable than traditional GameFi. He said that people wouldn’t need to be knowledgeable about cryptocurrency wallets, blockchain technology, or even Web3 to participate in X-2-Earn.

DEAP tickets for lottery

He said that the simplicity of the service would be such that all the user needed to do was login and select a quiz category. After completing the quiz, the user is rewarded with DEAP tickets. The ticket entitles them to participate in a lottery. The lottery winner would receive DEAPcoin ($DEP).

The release said that the company is partnering with other entities to make the service available to a large userbase and not just the PlayMining community. DEA said that it has already confirmed the first client interested in the proof-of-concept initiative. It is Eole Inc., a Japanese survey app company whose product is “Rakuraku Renrakumou.”

A new form of income for more people

The DEA said that this initiative is designed to disrupt online advertising.

“Gamification and Web3 incentives can make ads a new form of income for more people,” said DEA CSO Tatsuya Kohrogi. Being in control of the information and preferences you provide to the platform and being rewarded a portion of the advertising fees for participating is a new model and opens up opportunities for users and advertisers.”

He added that the company will create a more useful ad experience, not just for the 2.7 million members of the PlayMining community but for ‘others’ who share in the ad revenue.

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative reviews.