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TRX Incentives At Poloniex

The Tron Foundation has announced incentives in collaboration with Poloniex. This would see market makers and takers holding TRX use the digital currency in the payment of trading fees. This would have additional benefit of the traders paying 30 percent less fees whenever they opt to pay with TRX.

XRP Popularity Soars in Japan

Most Japanese banks have started adopting XRP. The Ripple cryptocurrency is a strong player in international remittance services. During the conference hosted by the online retailer Rakuten, David Jevans in a presentation stated that:

So, there’s over 1,600 cryptocurrencies today that use blockchain. All of us have probably heard about Bitcoin. Some of us about Ethereum.

In Japan, almost every bank is starting to work with something called XRP. You may know it as Ripple. And there’s many others.”

The comment was well received among XRP enthusiasts and the community around the cryptocurrency making it go viral.

Guarda Plans ETC Support

A recent poll by the Guarda Wallet team has shown an overwhelming interest for ETC support. According to the tweet by the multi wallet platform, ETC will be integrated in “the nearest future”

#EthereumClassic absolutely crashed our #Multisig poll! @GuardaWallet team will be happy to add $ETC Multisignature wallet feature in the nearest future. Stay tuned to functionality expansion, @eth_classic community!”

The support may not be unconnected with the Constantinople hard fork coming up on January 15, 2020. The essence of the fork is to create a backward compatibility with Ethereum. The hard fork has community support as the two platforms came have the same origin.

IOTA Announces 2020 Roadmap

The IOTA team has announced its 2020 roadmap stating that it has made significant progress in its long-term vision. According to the release, 2020 would see more activities especially from the IOTA engineering team.

There are significant changes coming up on the IOTA platform in the first half of next year. The upcoming changes will enhance the scalability of the platform’s mainnet. The essence is to make building on top of the network a more pleasant experience.

The additional signature scheme planned for 2020 will complement the Winternitz one-time signature scheme (W-OTS) which is known to have certain drawbacks.  Its advantage is a reusable address and significant network output improvement.

Changes planned for the autopeering module would enable automatic launching of node that finds and connects to its neighbors. The option of manually peering can also be adopted depending on preference of users.


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