What Can I Buy With Bitcoin?

What Can I Buy With Bitcoin

Bitcoin is increasingly adopted by many users, not necessarily because they see it as a means of transfer of value but because the digital currency is considered a utility for storing value. This makes others wonder what they can buy with bitcoin which is valued at more than $50,000 at the moment.

If this is a question on your mind, we shall look at some ways that you can spend bitcoin on goods and services without first converting your coins to fiat.

Airport Services

Some airports are known to be Bitcoin friendly. The Brisbane Airport was the first to publicly declare that it would support the use of bitcoins in and around the airport. This implies that services such as car hire and flight bookings at the airport can be paid for with BTC.

This was facilitated by Travelbybit, a company that promotes the use of bitcoins in the tourism industry in Australia. Since its success with the Brisbane Airport, several others have adopted cryptocurrency payments for services at their airports.

Amsterdam airport at Schiphol recently installed a cryptocurrency ATM. This gives travelers that want to pay with a digital currency the opportunity to do so easily.

Presently, there are a number of airlines that you can buy their tickets with BTC. Some of them are Air Baltic and Peach Aviation. These airlines have routes that cover Asia and Europe. Air Baltic is of Latvian origin while Peach is a Japanese airline.

eGifter.com would give you a channel of purchasing airline cards with bitcoins. Airlines such as Delta, Southwest and American Airline cards can be booked with BTC.

Travel Agents

If you’re traveling to the United States or Mexico and plan to pay with bitcoin, Destinair may be the best option for you. The Spanish travel agency is giving out discounts for flights and hotels booking.

It has gained popularity with its quest to promote the use of BTC for business in the tourism industry. What you need to do is choose your payment method as bitcoin.

Another traveling agency that promotes the use of Bitcoin is CheapAir. The company has been accepting and promoting the use of bitcoin for flight and hotel bookings since 2013.

You can book flights on major airlines and airports with BTC with CheapAir. Hotel reservations are made available as well with Bitcoin.

BTCTrip and ABitSky are two travel agencies that process bookings for hotels, accommodation and flight for travellers to Europe and other destinations. Users pay in BTC and other popular coins such as Litecoin. 

Car Rentals

Have you heard of Coinfuel? It is a service with which you can pay for fuel at gas stations with bitcoin. The service works with many location specific car rental services supportive of Bitcoin.

CheapAir and Destinia for instance would help you book for car rental services. You can also use CoinFuel services to buy gas gift cards with BTC for big provides such as Uber.


There is an app called CoinMap. It basically shows you all the businesses around your location that accept bitcoin. This is very helpful when you move to a new location or travel hoping to spend BTC.

This app works beautifully in conjunction with ATM Map, another app you should have on their phone to enable you to load your digital wallet.

Games and Apps

The online gambling industry is among the most cryptocurrency friendly niches. There are hundreds of internet-based casinos where you can buy games with bitcoin. Some of them are Fortunejack and Bitstarz. These have thousands of games that the player can access and play with BTC. 

Microsoft is one of the giant app makers that accept payments in bitcoins. You can pay for any app directly from your Microsoft account.

Buy Electronics With Bitcoin

It may be surprising to you that there are electronic stores where you can pay with BTC. This is a testimony to the growing acceptance of Bitcoin among merchants. Electronics retail merchant Newegg has been accepting bitcoin since 2017.


Luxury goods sellers have not been left behind in Bitcoin adoption as seen with Reeds Jewelers. The company has a page dedicated to benefits it offers to holders of Bitcoin. Reeds has more than 60 retail outlets for watches and jewelry across the United States.

Gyft and ShakePay

In some situations, you realize that the merchant or service you plan to use hasn’t made up their minds yet on Bitcoin. At such points, your best option would be to go for gift cards.

Services such as Gyft do a great job at providing you with gift cards from across merchant sites. Their gift cards (which you can purchase with bitcoin) can be used at 200+ merchant sites including giants like Nike and Starbucks.

Another great  service that you should consider is ShakePay. It is a good alternative that converts your BTC to euro or USD at a fee. You could practically buy anything from local merchants with this service. 

Bitcoin adoption is not yet as widespread as enthusiasts want since platforms such as Amazon are yet to start accepting it for payment, but with these conversion services, you can actually spend your bitcoins nearly anywhere.  


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