What Cryptocurrencies Are Sleeping Giants?

Shitcoins are everywhere, but finding the cryptocurrencies that are sleeping giants is demanding. As most coins are dipping, many people are selling their coins. However, many others are looking for the next coins that will rise in value to buy.

What traders should know

Traders should know that everybody is in the crypto market to make a profit. Consequently, they will promote the coins they’ve invested in or intend to invest in. Sadly, most coins may cease to exist in a year or two.

Similarly, almost all the coins have the potential of being the sleeping giant. However, coins with low transaction fees, which smart contracts are widely accepted, will attract investors. 

Demand for a coin will also increase when companies begin to accept it as a means of payment. And when the demand increases, the value will skyrocket too.

Some potential sleeping giants 

One of the possible sleeping giants is the $F11 token. This is an ERC20 token belonging to the First Eleven Project. It was launched on Ethereum. It runs on a decentralized blockchain. The token can be earned by playing their Play-to-earn games. 

This game is football related and it offers football lovers many footballing experiences. Some of the features include the F11 Champions leagues, earning voting rights, and many more. You get rewarded with NFT of popular players or $F11 token.

Similarly, Retire token is also seen as a sleeping giant among the shitcoins. It hit $24 at its launch and its supply is around 40100. To start earning, a trader must have 100 tokens minimum. Earnings are in USDT and are paid automatically. It is currently priced at $0.1173 at CoinMarketCap.

VeChain (VET) hit $0.15 when it was first launched in Kine, 2016. It stayed between $0.10 and $0.15 for a long while. Few traders believe it is waiting for the right time to rise. It is currently valued at $0.02395 on CoinMarketCap.

Finally, IOTA hit $0.35 when it was launched. It is the coin of the Internet of Things. The market capitalization was less than $1B. David Somstebo, the co-founder of IOTA once dubbed it a sleeping giant in an interview. It lies quietly around $0.2794 on CoinMarketCap.


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