What Do You Know About MinesofDalarnia ($DAR), The Play2earn Project For Launch?

Binance Launchpool is host to a number of projects, MinesofDalarnia is the 23rd project to be launched on the smart chain of Binance (BEP-20). It is a platform that enables the users to collect tokens that they can sell over time.

The internal token of the platform is $DAR which is available for farming when the user stakes BNB and BUSD. These Binance tokens are available for staking in different pools on the Binance platform.

The Game Play of Mines of Dalarnia

The game play comprises gaining resources such as land and treasures using several available tools on the platform. It essentially involved accessing these tools and using the power available in them to mine resources at a solo level or combine with other players to accomplish the quests. As the game progresses, the player can increase the efficiency of their tools. Tools with higher power will mine blocks and treasures more efficiently.

The basic resources that are won on the platform are land, treasure and battles for conquests. The collections that the player wins can be traded within the ecosystem of the platform. The DAR as the internal token is the currency used in paying for transactions.

Work in Progress


The developers of MinesofDalarnia are working on features that facilitate a game play that is the dream of every gamer. Some recent developments and updates include the Dalarnia testnet and the Robo Canary Genesis edition. The team is adding more updates such as non-fungible token collectibles which it plans to launch by 2022.

Other Features of Dalarnia

The play to earn concept is a revolutionary feature that has encouraged more players willing to make gains while enjoying the games that they like. However, the advent of collectibles such as NFT has made it even more enticing for gamers to participate in the investment circles through the play to own concept. This is the phase that the Dalarnia project intends to activate through its player owned governance system. Holders of the token would be active participants in the decisions regarding games.

USe Cases For $DAR

The holders of the DAR token would be able to host many in-game functions such as mining pools as well as enable the collection of rare NFTs that could be used for extra-planetary quests. Other uses of the DAR token include:

Being used as the in-game currency for activities such as transaction fees, governance, upgrades and other gaming functions.

The token also is the reward unit for game-based performances. This means that when a player wins games or collects treasures, these can be redeemed for DAR. Staking of the token is a strategy to level up faster in games. This feature is for the top levels of games on the platform.

Tokenomics of DAR

The release from Binance Launchpad states that the DAR token data is as follows:

Maximum supply –  800,000,000 DAR

Launchpool token rewards worth 24,000,000 DAR (3% of maximum token supply)

Initial Circulating Supply: 123,200,000 DAR (15.4% of maximum token supply)

As the token launches today, November 4, the price of DAR will be determined by the market. What is obvious is that the demand for in-game rewarding tokens is high and the fact that this project launches at a time that NFTs are in high demand means that we would see a quick appreciation in the price of DAR.

To gain early access to this token, you can visit the platform.

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative reviews.