What is The Best Software for Stock Trading?

What is The Best Software for Stock Trading

I’ve been wondering what is the best software for stock trading, knowing that the success of every trader sometimes depends on the type of trading software they deploy.

Many investors prefer TrendView as the best software for trading because it is beginner friendly. You can have the software completely for free. However, you will be limited to some tools.

We shall look at the other popular tools to enable you choose what you deem to fit your trading needs.

As stock trading continues to make people money, software creators are coming up with newer software to help traders actualize their goals. However, some of these trading software programs are not reliable.

Traders are expected to support their trading decisions by using software programs with certain features.

Any software with a technical analysis chart can easily help traders locate new opportunities and generate buy and sell indicators. The analysis software may not attract great success to your investment unless you personally know what you’re doing as a trader. Consistency in learning and getting a hand on your software is the gateway to success.

Whether you are a day investor or a long term investor, you should focus on using the best stock trading software to execute your trading, as your success depends on it. When you use the right information for your trading, you can easily avoid trading with emotion.

To gain access to accurate trading information, you must use the best trading software. The best software for stock trading includes;

Worden TC2000

Unlike most stock trading software, Worden TC2000 is one of the best stock market software programs used for technical analysis for the US and the Canadian funds and stocks. The Worden TC2000 is popular because of its easily accessible platform and operating speed.

The platform enables its users to have a better understanding of the charts. Worden TC2000 features hundreds of fundamental and technical indicators. It also consists of a great library of drawing tools. The Worden TC2000 software runs on window OS, but Android Tablets and Mac users can gain access to the software through web platforms.

You can also access the platform using your android phone or iPhone as the app can be found on the play store and apple store respectively.


eSignal comes as a rich-featured software tool that is made available at different price points. The price points are rated depending on their level of complexity. As a beginner in the platform, you will be given 30 days of free access to the product, and your expertise matters a lot.

eSignal incorporates Forex, Option, Stock trading, and Futures. Traders on this platform receive customer support and free online education. They are also allowed to view up to 500 symbols at the same time, enjoy advanced charting with customizable studies, and use the software with futures, stock trading, and forex.

The software can view extended histories, backtest, and download data. eSignal runs on window OS. However, if you are using any other OS, you can use gain access to the software through a suitable web platform.


Metastock allows users to access data, real-time news, analytics, fundamentals, and commentary. The platform provides its users with every tools required for fundamental and technical stock market analysis.

Metastock is designed for two different purposes. Realtime Metastock is made for real-time traders only. Traders can access the after-market analysis using the tools provided by Data Charts. MetaStock trading platform is the best platform for short term traders who prefer to use the stock market analysis during and after trading hours.

As a new user of this platform, you have 30 days free trial. The platform is available for a one-time purchase, monthly or annual subscription. Preferably, you can select a suitable subscription plan and enjoy your trading session. MetaStock is compatible with window OS alone. However, Mac and Andriod tablets can access the software using a suitable web platform.


Tradestation enables traders with high trading schedules to meet up with the minimum balance required to reduce costs. The platform provides stock trading –testing tools for paper trading, unlimited custom trading strategies, backtesting, and automatic trade execution that rely on custom buy and sell regulations.

TradeStation is a free software program. However, its free version is limited by the asset class of traders. The platform includes customizable analytics and hundreds of idea generation applications in the services provided for its users. Therefore, traders on this platform enjoy large varieties of tools depending on their trading pattern.

This software works on windows and mobile app. Mac and Android tablet users can access the software through any suitable web platform.


TrendView provides long term and short term investors with social integration, technical and fundamental analysis. Traders on this platform enjoy easy system development, great stock screening, and global real-time exchange of data.

This is a good software since it features the most essential parameters needed to start trading for its free version. To overcome these limitations, you should go for the pro version which costs $19 per month, or the premium version which costs $39 per month.

TrendView provides its users with customer support, unlimited access to tools, and real-time trade on various options. Therefore, you can gain access to Forex, and Trade Cryptocurrency through this platform. Trend view is available as an HTML 5 application and you don’t need to download any software to gain access to the platform. You can use any suitable browser to access the platform without stress.


When you desire to trade with a platform that has AI features, system backtesting, automated trending pattern recognition at a good price, then consider trading with TrendSpider. This software allows its users to gain access to forex, futures, stocks, ETFs, indices, and crypto trading options.

It is priced at $29 per month and it comes with real-time data. Users are also granted access to a 7-day trial before concluding on their purchasing plans. As a new user, you will require to understand the platform before trading, as it comes with a lot of innovative features.

TrendSpider comes with an HTML 5 application, so it requires zero data feed configuration and zero installation before accessing it as a user. Therefore, you can use the platform through any suitable web platforms of your windows, Mac, and smartphones.

With these options, you should be able to choose the best software to trade with. You may also try the copy trading option that totally depends on the effort of others.

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