What is Unique About Building dApps On EOS?


There are many blockchain developers and application builders that are increasingly using the EOS platform. There are many reasons for this despite the fact that there are other blockchains out there. Perhaps, the most outstanding feature of the EOSIO is that it is the fastest blockchain in the world.

EOS is Scalable

There are few platforms that are as scalable as EOS. The blockchain is an enterprise grade solution that can be deployed for public and private use. The scalability of the EOS network is demonstrated in its high speed transactions. The fact that EOSIO blockchain did not compromise scalability for efficiency is a factor to reckon with.

Getting Users is Easier

EOS is among the top performing blockchain because of its network structure that made it free to use. This is contributory to the large community around the project, making it easy for developers to deploy a range of enterprise solutions to a ready market.

It is free to use so acquiring users is really easy on EOS. You cannot dissociate the fact that a blockchain that is free to use would naturally have a large community around it, To support such infrastructure demands scalability. This is another feature that sets EOS apart from many dApp-building platforms out there.

A High Speed Infrastructure

We already mentioned that EOSIO is the fastest blockchain in the world. What this implies is that this is a blockchain platform that has what it takes to bring the technology to the masses. Talk about a high performance blockchain.

Tackles Shortfalls of Previous Generations of Blockchain

EOSIO can be described as a new generation decentralized platform that was built with the objective of tackling and improving upon the problems and setbacks encountered in earlier blockchains, such as flexibility in the deployment of smart contracts and a fee-less structure that makes it easily accessible to all.

It is a Customizable Blockchain

The flexibility of the platform makes it possible for developers to do quite a lot. The fact that it is fast and easy to use is another plus for this blockchain network
It is Not like any other technology and is poised to be one of the game changers in the industry.

The EOS Protocol

This comprises the EOS core which is an open source code that is designed to be adjustable so that specific configurations can be made to fit the enterprise needs of any entity.
The EOSIO core comprises its consensus protocol or how the network is protected as well as build new blocks. The other components are the transaction protocol, peer-to-peer protocol and accounts and permission.

The delegated proof of stake consensus on which EOS was built was conceived by one of its founders, Daniel Larimer. Its objective was to remove some of the flaws of limitations seen in proof of work (PoW) and proof of stake (PoS) systems.

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative reviews.