Who is Behind The $408 Million Cryptocurrency Seized By London Police?

The July 13 seizure of digital currencies valued at 294 million pounds has raised questions on who could be behind the haul. The London Metropolitan police had announced that it arrested a 39 years old woman in connection with the illicitly acquired cryptocurrency. This happened weeks after the police confiscated 114 million pounds worth of digital assets on June 24.

Even as investigations are still ongoing in the case, there has been speculation on who the arrested woman could be. The case brings to remembrance what could be considered the greatest fraud in crypto ponzi which the so-called Crypto Queen, the Bulgarian Ruja Ignatova masterminded. 

Ignatova was said to have disappeared with investors’ funds valued at hundreds of millions of dollars through her One Coin ponzi scheme. Since the advent of cryptocurrencies, criminals have followed in its wake and have defrauded investors using various vehicles such as ICOs, STOs, ponzi, scam software and others.

According Graham McNulty of the Metropolitan police deputy assistant commissioner: 

“While cash still remains king in the criminal word, as digital platforms develop we’re increasingly seeing organised criminals using cryptocurrency to launder their dirty money”

Even though the Metropolitan police did not name the suspect in the seizure, if Ignatova has been detained, she’ll likely be sent to the US where she as declared wanted for fraud. 


Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative reviews.