Win 777 KMD in Komodo’s October 31 AtomicDEX Stress Test

The Komodo team recently announced the launch of the beta phase of its AtomicDEX platform. To this effect, the network would be conducting its public stress test on the platform and has earmarked 1500 KMD for participants in the public beta testing.

The community based test scheduled on October 31 from 12pm GMT to 6pm GMT is available for everyone who is interested.

The release seen on the Komodo blog stated that the AtomicDEX is still work in progress and that more features would be added to the platform in due course. It described the platform as a cutting-edge application stating that of the 1,554 KMD allocated, 77.7 KMD would be awarded 10 testers in a lottery style giveaway.

To qualify for the draws, the participants should:

Download AtomicDEX and set up a new wallet or restore an existing wallet.

Get 7.777 of the test coin called RICK for free from the faucet.

Get 7.777 of the test coin called MORTY for free from the faucet.

Complete at least 30 atomic swaps between RICK<->MORTY (or vice versa) during the scheduled stress test time.

With the completion of 30 swaps within the time limit, the participant is automatically entered in for the chance to win. The statement said that the user doesn’t need one swap to finish before initiating another.

“After one swap is initiated, simply go back to the DEX screen and place new trade orders to make numerous atomic swaps simultaneously.”

The participants are encourages to initiate more than 30 swaps to increase their chance of winning.

“Every swap is equal to one ticket in the prize pool, as long as you’ve met the minimum requirement of 30 swaps. If you complete 50 swaps, you will have 50 tickets. If you complete 500 swaps, you will have 500 tickets. There is no limit to the number of tickets that a single address can have, so make as many swaps as you can during the set stress test hours to maximize your chances of winning a prize.”

Interest testers can check the guide for participation on the Komodo blog here.




Author: Jofor Humani

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