World Traders & MCBFund– Fraudsters Steal IDs To Fake Reviews

If you came across World Traders at, you may be wondering if it is a good investment site. In this post, we shall examine it, its investment promises and the risks that you may overlook in your quest to make money with it.

It is important to understand that investment decisions should not be taken without proper investigation and research. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Investor Alerts seen on the regulator’s website states that:

“Your net worth might make you a target for scams. Scam artists don’t care how you have come across your money. They don’t care whether you worked hard all your life to earn your money, or whether you hit the lottery the first time you played. It is your money they want. The only thing that may stand between a fraudster and your money is your preparedness when you are approached.”

What is World Traders Company?

This is an investment site that claims that the company behind it is based in the United Kingdom. It stated that it is a cryptocurrency mining and trading business that has been operational since 2013. It also asserted that it partook in several ICOs which has enabled it maximize its profits.

World TradersAccording to the site:

“You don’t need any skills, but you only need to spend the minimum 10 dollars to start your investment and also earn money through the affiliate program. If you invite your friends or family members to make investment plans through your link,so you will get 3%~5%~10% Commission. you can also build your own team to promote you will obtain long-term stable income.”

Presently, the company is soliciting that investors purchase its investment plans. This is in a bid to grow its financial base. This also made it a suspicious venture for reasons that would be explained in the rest of this post.

A company that has been around since 2013 investing in cryptocurrency should be quite successful since the price of most of the coins it holds would have risen by 1000 percent. That the same company is soliciting for investment means that the claims are dubious. We decided to run a background check on the site and this is what we found.

Is This Site Reliable?

A Whois search shows that the site’s domain was registered on August 22, 2019. This contradicts the claims that it has been around since 2013. We found a second domain redirecting to the site. This second domain is A Whois search of the second domain shows that it was registered on May 28, 2019.

World Traders

World TradersIt is not clear why the site has several domains pointing to it. What is obvious is that the people behind this site are not reliable since they lied about how long it has been online. When a site lies about any aspect of its activities, it is an indication that the owner is fraudulent.

Scam sites routinely backdate their ages because they want to create the impression that they’re legitimate and have online credibility. This is mainly because there are many internet users that associate age of a site to credibility.

For an investment site, users may presume that it has faithfully been paying its investors all those years and therefore deem it reliable.

Using A Fake Certificate


World TradersThere is a trend among scam crypto investment sites. They seem to have discovered a loophole in the UK business registration system that makes it easy for individuals to register company names without revealing their identities.

Other fraudsters simply use the registration numbers and certificates issued other businesses, passing them off as theirs.

This is what World Traders has done. When you click on the “View Details” link on the certificate of incorporation displayed on the site, what you’ll see is a certificate belonging to another company, COINZINC Limited.

COINZINC was registered on February 28, 2018 but the stat on World traders site is showing it commenced February 1, 2017 while it claims in the introduction it’s been around since 2013.

SEC’s Investor Publication states:

 “Fraudsters rely on the sad truth that many people simply don’t bother to investigate before they invest. It’s not enough to ask a promoter for more information or for references – fraudsters have no incentive to set you straight. Savvy investors take the time to do their own independent research.”

World Traders


Stole People’s ID for Fake Reviews

Every business knows the importance of testimonials. That is why there are many that pay for it. What we saw with World traders is that the site used fake reviews to deceive the users.

One Jackson Stuart supposedly from the United States according to the site wrote:

“ is my top choice in the Bitcoin investment industry, earning hourly,withdraw instantly,Consistent daily….”

We checked the identity of the individual and found the image displayed to belong to another individual and taken from the internet. World Traders actually stole the id of another person for its fake testimonial.

World Traders

You can see another review from Konrad Hahn obviously another fake id. While checking his identity, we discovered that the fraudster behind World Trader is also behind another scam

It could be that one scam was cloned from the other. In any case, we are dealing with a serial scammer here.

High Yield Investment Scam

Investing in a high yield investment program is the quickest way to lose your funds. You should know that the reason fraudster bait people with high profit is that they want to steal the funds deposited to them. If they do pay a few early investors, they do that to lure in many others that would be scammed.

Do not be fooled into making deposits on a scam site such as World Traders. You will lose your money. There are times people send me emails saying they lost thousands of dollars because they thought a scammer would double their money through a HYIP.

The reality is that if you make big deposits that the scammer thinks he doesn’t stand a chance of getting down the line, you lose even if it is a new scam and you’re the first investor.

It is sad that many lose their funds because they refuse to learn that there is no quick path to wealth. No real business would double your money in 24 hours the way World Traders promises its users.


World Traders is an active scam. No genuine investment site offers unrealistic returns. Genuine sites are regulated and their owners are known. It makes no sense to send your money to strangers with no reputation to protect just because they promise to double it.

Never invest with a strange site. You’ll lose your money. For the site that we recommend, check here and take advantage of the copy trading system available. This would give you the same result as the expert you’re copying.

What is your opinion about World Traders? Please share using the comment box below. For review suggestions, use the contact page link above.

Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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