World Way Capital – Another Massive Scam in Making

World Way Capital

In a Facebook group a couple of days ago, I reminded the members of the need to avoid scam investment sites such as World Way Capital. The reason which this is important is that scams are in scopes. Some scammers work extensively to make sure that they put everything on ground to convince some of the most skeptical investors to buy into their schemes.

In this category, sites even hire actors to pose as the CEO knowing that it would give some investors a sense of security albeit a false one. Even though World Way Capital is a relatively new scheme, it is certainly poised to make impact and steal from a lot of people who are generally the heedless, greedy or simply those who believe that every new scam site is an opportunity for an affiliate windfall.

For a genuine investment site, please check here.

What is World Way Capital?

World Way Capital is a website that claims that its target is to meet the expectations of its partners. It also claims that it is very easy to work with finance, In other words, the company wants you to have the impression that you’ve got an opportunity of a lifetime just by finding it and making an investment.

World Way Capital

The first sign that every circumspect investor should notice about the unprofessionalism about the entity behind this site is the quality of the web copy.  For example, the homepage started with

“World Way Capital progressive management promotes the development of partners, career, and material well-being growth all partners of the company.”

A close examination of the statement shows clear incoherence assuming we ignore the quality of the text. The copy quality shows that the individuals behind this site are basically struggling to find words to convey their desire to come across as an investor’s dream.

Despite the fact that they barely succeeded, experience has shown that bandwagon effect is a strong determinant on how far a site goes in the quest of scammers to lure investors into their schemes.

In League With Known Exit Scams

At Cryptoinfowatch, we have been analyzing scams for many months and easily identify patterns used by cyber crooks to deceive people. One recurring factor is that many scams generally follow the framework of successful exit scams.

We have to understand that scammers move from one scheme to another when the lifespan of the previous scam has ended or they have been identified and exposed before their scams gained traction.

The uniqueness of the copy despite its low quality shows that the owner of this site may be new in the creation of elaborate scams, low on budget or simply not a native English speaker and hired a copywriter who isn’t one also.

This is very obvious with statements such as

“Advanced technologies and the work of world’s best financiers at World Way Capital give an opportunity to expand the range of resources and to direct the professional and personal qualities in development of the best financial strategies used on this platform.”

No Known Physical Location

One of the wonders of internet investing may well be the fact that there are many investors willing to send their money to people just because of unverified claims made on websites.

The World Way Capital already has more than 800 followers on Twitter though it is possible many are bots. We are not in doubt that some people wouldn’t mind sending funds to this site despite the fact that it couldn’t even publish a fake address that leads nowhere.

The fact that a company claims that it is offering financial services does not mean they are authorized to do so by any government. There are many cyber criminals that are taken advantage of the unregulated cryptocurrency space to reach wider audience and steal more funds.


According to the site

“Investment funds are administered by World Way Capital’s certified financial department.”

However, there is no proof on the site that World Way Capital is a registered company talk less being authorized to manage financial assets.

Duration of Operation

World Way CapitalWhen we notice a suspicious investment site such as World Way, the first action we take is investigate what the site is promising to determine the feasibility of such promises. Then we check long it has been in operation to know how much damage it may have already caused investors.

A Whois search shows that the domain, Way-capital dotcom was registered on October 25, 2018. This mean this site has been operational for 9 months. It is of essence that everyone that has been lured to send their funds realizes the risks associated with sites such as this.

At best, ponzis pay a few initial depositors to use them as publicity channels to lure more participants.

World Way Investment Plans

World Way CapitalIf you’re investing fiat, World Way Capital expects you to deposit a minimum of $20 and up to $100,000, while you could invest up to 200 BTC if you’re interested in the cryptocurrency plan.

The promised ROI is up to 3 percent daily in a plan. This means that the company claims they could triple your investment in a couple of months in that plan.

Imagine making a deposit of $10,000 and getting paid $30,000 in just 70days. You’d be rich! But the problem is that in 70 days, this site would be gone or even if it’s still around, you’d have no way of getting back your money.


We always advise investors to avoid investment sites that are random and unregulated even when they hear that some investors were paid. This is a common strategy employed by scammers.

World Way capital is an active scam and should be avoided. There are many legitimate investment platforms such as our top recommendation. Please avoid scam investment sites.

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