Xanhnon Finance – A Fraud Site Steals Company ID

One of the challenges of the cryptocurrency industry is that it is largely unregulated. That is the main reason for the creation of the blockchain technology – to eliminate the need for central authority in the administration of any ecosystem. In this review, we shall look at Xanhnon Finance, a cryptocurrency website that you may have heard about.

The essence of this is that there are many such sites on the internet offer investment services for investors. Most of them turn out to be scams causing their clients to lose what they invested. In this analysis, we shall examine those features to search for before making any financial commitments to any company irrespective of what they offer to the investor.

What is Xanhnon?

Xanhnon FinanceThis is a financial services provider that claims that they are into the mining of bitcoins and other altcoins. The company said it is also involved in the trading of crypto assets.

Like similar investment sites, Xanhnon promises that it would use its expertise to generate high returns for its investors. According to the site, you do not need any additional skills or expertise to make more money. All that is required is a simple investment and you’re good to go.

“With Xanhnon Finance you do not need to know anything, the company’s experts do all the necessary procedures themselves and you enjoy high interest rates. We offer 5 attractive plans to our investors, in each one the profit appears at the end of the investment term. Choose the plan that suits you the most and start making incredible profits!”

Too Good To Be True

Insomuch that the proposition seems enticing, we had misgivings about most of the claims on the site. The reason is that they are at variance with the conventional investment realities, especially with regards to the digital assets ecosystem.

It is so easy for people who are not well-informed about cryptocurrencies to be convinced that it is a quick path to wealth, but the reality is quite different.

Irrespective of the path that the investor followed, there is realistic range of returns that is expected, beyond which you could be sure that you can be sure that you are dealing with a fraud.

According to the Securities and Exchange Commission:

 “In order to attract unsuspecting investors and gain their trust, fraudsters may boast about credentials they do not have.  They may fabricate, exaggerate, or hide facts about their backgrounds to portray themselves as successful professionals and to make you believe that the investments they offer are legitimate.”


One of the ways to detect a scam site is by checking the originality of the content. Scams are so common these days that most fraudsters are in a hurry to build them that they never make effort to create their own content.

They prefer the easier path of copying the content of other sites and passing them off as theirs. This is exactly what Xanhnon Finance has done and can easily be seen when its content is passed through plagiarism software.

If a site is not original, it is unlikely that the people behind it are as dishonest as the content they create in the bid to deceive investors to make deposits to them.

Every platform that has integrity would never want the content of another website to pass as theirs.

In the introduction of the company, the owners wrote:

“Xanhnon Finance presents to you the possibility to simplify significantly the process of your investment. Today traditional investments demand extensive knowledge in trading, exchanges, and a lot of time to keep track of frequent changes in foreign exchange rates, shares and government bonds.”

We can see from the image that the content was 97 percent copied from another site thereby failing the test. Removing the company name would have given a 100 percent plagiarism result.

Xanhnon Finance

False Registration Number

Most of the information provided by the site such as its registration number and address are false. The company registration number 10512343 that the Xanhnon platform claims is theirs actually belongs to JR Marketing Services Limited.

The address of the company as seen from the Company House records is 6 Saxon Grange, South Milford, Leeds, United Kingdom, LS25 6NQ, but the address that Xanhnon claims as theirs as seen on the site is B16 8SP 75 FRANCIS ROAD, Birmingham, United Kingdom.

As we can see, only fraudsters would steal another company’s identity as theirs. This is a clear indication that investors dealing with this site would meet grief down the line since the objective is to deceive and defraud.

Xanhnon Finance

The US SEC advises investors:

“Do not trust someone with your investment money just because he or she claims to have impressive credentials or experience, or manages to create a “buzz of success” around himself or herself.”

Impossible Returns On Investment

Fraudsters mostly depend on promises of big profit to deceive investors who buy into their investment plans. When the profit that a site promises is beyond the normal rate in the industry, it is a clear sign that you are dealing with a scam.

According to the Xanhnon Finance site, investors could earn 135 percent in just one day with their basic plan. There are higher plans with even higher possible ROI such as 1100 percent in 20 days and 2500 percent in 40 days.

Xanhnon Finance


What scam sites such as this depend on to lure participants is the desire to get quick riches. Bear in mind that any platform that gives you the impression that you could get rich with little or no work wants to steal your money.

Cryptocurrency is money. That’s why fraud sites are targeting holders to defraud them. Your first line of defense in safeguarding your digital assets is keeping them off fraud sites.

There are legitimate investment sites that are safe to use. These are mostly regulated companies that have licenses to render financial services and have the appropriate regulatory agencies oversee their activities.

We recommend this site, which would help you grow your assets as well as show you how to do it with the help of experienced investment experts.

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