Zoan Cash: A Strategy To Waste Your Time

There is absolutely nothing wrong in developing traffic strategies that helps the owners of a site to make profit. What is wrong is in adopting deceitful strategies to accomplish this as we shall see in this Zoan Cash review.

There are many sites that offer users payment for traffic. Some of them are obviously scams because what they promise is just too good to be true. For instance, it is impossible to make payments to users that have not bought anything or directed customers to a site.

This is exactly what a site like Zoan Cash claims that it is capable of doing. This is practically impossible since the owners of the site cannot randomly give away money to everyone for clicking around.

Pay per click sites that do this give the users very small amount of money so it is understandable. This is unlike what Zoan Cash promises.

Zoan Cash

According to the site which claims to be the number one influencer site, social media influencers can monetize their traffic to earn up to $300 daily. The site claims that for each referral, the user would be paid $15.

This is very unrealistic because the owners cannot prove that they are capable of doing that considering that mere site visitors do not make webmasters money. The visitor must make a purchase or add some value to the site before the owner could get funds to pay them.

How Reliable is The Site?

You should know that getting involved with a site like Zoan Cash is an exercise in futility. The owners are interested in using people to drive traffic to the site and present them with links that will make money for the owner of the site. The users get nothing.

Now this is a dishonest way of driving traffic and no one should waste their time and resources promoting for fraudsters such as the owners of this site. You may be wondering how I am certain that this site won’t pay you. It is quite obvious. No one gives what they don’t have. The owner of Zoan Cash doesn’t have the money to pay $15 per referral because they’re not making it.

Fake Testimonies

Zoan Cash

Zoan Cash

Many fraudsters are aware of the importance of social signal in internet marketing. This is why they usually take advantage of it in their deceit of potential victims. The Zoan cash site presented three testimonies from supposed users. But a background check shows that the identities of the testifiers were faked.

Why would a business use faked identities for testimonies? The intention is clearly to deceive the users and steal their time or other resources.

Maki Ramos, who was used as an influencer had photo culled from a stock image site to represent him, so was Robert Miro and possibly Ayla Mikasa. No one should take information seen on this site seriously.

False Data

Zoan Cash

Zoan Cash

It interesting to note that the domain was registered in March 2020, however the owner claims that it has already has 89,700 users and paid out more than $200 million to users. This is an outrageous claim and totally false. As earlier mentioned, where would they get the money from?

You can also notice that the site claims to operate from Netherland. Why would a Dutch company have its original content in English? This is another indication that this is an active scam meant to deceive as many as possible.

Ridiculous Evidence of Payment

Zoan Cash

You would expect that evidence that a site or company has been making payments would be a document that can be validated. This is not the case with Zoan Cash which used arbitrarily written invoices as its payment proofs.


You should be convinced that this is a dubious site. It doesn’t make sense to participate in what goes on there. Nevertheless, there are genuine investment sites that can help you earn on your assets.

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Author: Jofor Humani

Jofor is a crypto journalist with passion for investigative review of projects with the aim to determine the authenticity of their claims.

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